Sunday, April 18, 2010

Man Arrested for Running Horse-Sex Farm

Time for a wacky story. I saw this on Drudge and figured that it was weird enough for our readers. So it appears that a felon and a former dot-com millionaire has been conducting some particularly weird business.

Douglas Spink, 39, a one-time millionaire, convicted drug smuggler and horse trainer, was quietly living on rural property south of Sumas when he connected with James Tait, who was in a Tennessee jail on a bestiality charge.
Tait had earlier been convicted of trespassing in 2005 in the Enumclaw case, in which a Gig Harbor man died after having sex with a horse.
The two men's communications set in motion an investigation that resulted in Spink's arrest Wednesday at the Sumas farm for suspicion of violating his federal probation for drug smuggling. Federal prosecutors and Whatcom County sheriff's officials say Spink also allowed people to come to the farm and have sex with animals.
He was "promoting tourism of this nature for bestiality," Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said Friday.

and wait, it gets even worse:

On Wednesday, authorities took several animals, including horses and large-breed dogs, found on Spink's property into protective custody, Elfo said. Several mice were euthanized, he added. "At this point, we don't know how many people visited this location or how many engaged in illegal conduct," the sheriff said. "We'll see as the federal investigation unfolds."
In 2005, Spink was arrested in Monroe after authorities found 371 pounds of cocaine in his car. Authorities said Spink was a drug runner for smuggler Robert Kesling, who once lived in Woodinville.

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