Friday, July 4, 2008

Terrible Ideas

Well, greetings to my loyal subjects-- er, fans.

For that one homeless guy that reads this, this one is for you:

Recently I've been thinking about my High School days. Transitioning from school to school sometimes makes you reflect and think, "Gee, I wish I was taller." or "I'm really happy that I have both of my arms." In that tradition, I'd like to share some of my ruminations:

One thing I clearly remember was one of my favorite teachers, Bryan Pisano. The
mild-mannered Italian was always on time, well-dressed, and polite. Naturally this led to basically everyone taking advantage of him. If he told us that an assignment was due in a week, you could bet that someone would be complaining that he'd never said that. If he told us to discuss our career plans one bearded kid would go up to the board and state he was going to be a porn star.

After I graduated he moved on from the fast lane of Middleburgh High School and hopped a flight to California. There Mr. Pisano started his acting career. I'm sure you've seen all of his films. But just in case:

To Mr. Pisano: best of luck. Please remember to buy me a house. I'm
looking out for you!

I wanted to add more things from my high school writings but apparently I can't find them. I might not be looking hard enough but they might have slipped through an interdimensional timewarp like what happened to me and Ryan Lentz in New Jersey.

What I'm listening to: I've downloaded the Ramones, The Presidents of the United States of America, and right now a Phil Hendrie assortment is chugging along at 97.9%. It's bitchin'!

Letters to a Young Contrarian Thinking of Becoming a Douchebag:

Safina Roe:
youre not becoming one of those people
orfannkyl: but i wanna
orfannkyl: being a scumbag has been my lifelong dream
orfannkyl: so get me a tattoo, a drinking problem, herpes, and a guitar I can't play, cause it's time to become someone i hate.

It's Raining in My Soul:

orfannkyl: and you and josh would have me dressing in black
orfannkyl: and wearing a raincoat all the time
orfannkyl: and people would say, "why are you wearing a raincoat in december?"
orfannkyl: and I'd say, "cause it's raining in my soul!"

Remember: the truth is out there: