Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crap: Christopher Hitchens Has Cancer

One of the most brilliant political minds on the planet has esophageal cancer.  Christopher Hitchens, a genius in wit and foreign policy, had been cancelling engagements for unknown reasons.  The reason, unfortunately, could not have been worse.  This sucks.

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Why the Left hates Glenn Beck.

Townhall Magazine recently published a "The 100 Americans The Left Hates Most" list, which included the usual suspects - Rush Limbaugh, President Bush, Michelle Malkin (who could really hate her), Ann Coulter (even I can't stand her sometimes), and Bill O'Reilly. But the numero uno of this list was Glenn Beck, which has shocked and even surprised some folks.

Begging the question - Why does the Left hate Beck?

Quite Simple: Glenn Beck is not a single format Conservative such as Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter, but he's also not a double format Conservative like Sean Hannity. Instead, Beck is an every format Libertarian, who uses Radio, Television, Old Media, New Media, and word-of-mouth to spread his message of Constitutionalism.

Rarely does a day go by when the Conservative Blogosphere hasn't posted something that was originally aired on Glenn Beck's television program. He might be only the third most listened to man on Radio, but his influence, teachings, and general attitude make him the Left's most Hated American.

Beck doesn't ramble on about the politics of the hour, he attempts to inform his 3 million viewers per night audience on our ideological enemies, and his informative program has led to a few Left-Of-Center maniacs being kicked out of the White House. Plus, while the word progressive was an acceptable term back in 2007, no-one will dare proclaim or use it during the current Beck Era of dominance.

Glenn Beck is not to be trusted or followed on every issue, as he does have an unusual lust for a conspiracy theory or two per week, but his program is to be respected, if only for the fact that he is the most hated man on the entire earth by our political counterparts.

Townhall's "The Top 10 Americans the Left Hates Most":

10. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

9. Fox News Talker Bill O'Reilly.

8. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

7. The Tea Party Patriots.

6. Blogger and Author Michelle Malkin.

5. Well Hated Columnist Ann Coulter.

4. President George W. Bush.

3. Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh.

2. Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

1. Radio Talk Show Host Glenn Beck.

Larry King Retiring

One of the last respectable newspeople is retiring.  That man is Larry King, who has hosted Larry King Live over the last 25 years.  Oddly, Mr. King announced his retirement via twitter, stating, "I’m ending my nightly show this fall..."  However, Mr. King will be doing the occasional show on CNN.

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Guest Article: Mexican Lawsuit Against AZ a Cheap Stunt

This is a guest article from Pamela Gorman, who is running for Congress in Arizona's Third District:

Pamela Gorman Calls Mexican Lawsuit a Cheap Stunt

(Phoenix, AZ)  Pamela Gorman, conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona has called out the Mexican government for political grandstanding after it was announced that Mexico has sued Arizona over a bill she sponsored in the Arizona Senate (SB 1070) that would make it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally, in addition to being a federal crime.

“It is obvious that this is nothing but political posturing by Calderon designed to provide a little back up for his good buddy President Obama,” said Gorman.  She said that she would be shocked if the courts found that the country of Mexico had standing against a state law.  “President Obama is not getting the warm fuzzy response he had hoped for when he engaged in his own Arizona bashing.  The country is actually on our side and we are getting tourism promotion internationally that our tourism department can only dream of!”

This is on the heels of a he-said-he-said between President Obama and Senator Jon Kyl who said that Obama had tried to use securing our borders against the violent crime of the drug cartels and terrorism as a bargaining chip to secure votes for amnesty.  President Obama later denied having made this offer in the pursuit of votes for amnesty.  Gorman commented,   “He wants amnesty and was hoping that SB1070 would provide him the  ‘crisis’ he needed.  That backfired.  So here comes President Calderon to the rescue with this moronic lawsuit.”

Gorman does not believe Mexico will prevail in the suit.  But, she pointed out that the cost of defending this unwarranted suit would give Mexico one more way to drain funds from Arizona taxpayers.  “If Calderon really wants to extract cash from Arizonans, maybe it would save us all some time if he just set up a charity and gave us the address to send our checks.”  Gorman added that he could use the charity funds to pay the invoice we will be sending to reimburse Arizona taxpayers for the costs associated with jailing, educating, and providing hospital care for Mexican citizens

Pamela Gorman, one of the original sponsors of SB 1070,  has sponsored and supported several pieces of legislation designed to protect Arizona and the country from the ravages of the open southern border while serving in both the Arizona House and Senate.  She is now a candidate for Congress to replace U.S. Representative John Shadegg in CD3.  More information about her can be found at

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Obama is not a Marxist

In the past few days I have been thinking a lot.

Also, if you need to search anything on Google, please use the bar below:

How America has Transformed.

What was one of the most successful cash crops of the Southern Plantations for years, decades, and centuries? Tobacco. And to be perfectly honest, Tobacco is still a major cash crop in the Southern United States, even in this century, and that's never going to change in this Nation. Unless, of course, the federal government outlaws smoking.

That would never happen! Right?

According to a new poll of 1,000 American Adults from Rasmussen Reports, a large percentage of voters actually support the Government outlawing the act of smoking Tobacco. Did I wake up in the Twilight Zone, does freedom not matter anymore; 26% of American Adults actually believe the Government should outlaw smoking!


I cannot wait until the federal government outlaws Tobacco - will see a national crime wave of Tobacco bootlegging. Instead of the likes of Al Capone, we'll have the likes of Southern Tobacco Farmers, struggling after the government shut them down. Is this what Americans want?

The Nannies want to take away Tobacco. What's next?

Oy Vey.

PS - This article was not the result of being bought off by the Tobacco Industry, though I wouldn't mind being bought off by Tobacco Farmers and would appreciate any offer that does become available to be sent to my email -

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Venus Williams Upset by Tzvetana Pironkova

Across the pond at Wimbledon, #2 in the world Venus Williams was upset in straight sets by the easy to spell and pronounce Tzvetana Pironkova.  Pironkova is ranked #82 in the world.  The final score was 6-2, 6-3.
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Lung-Eating Murderer gets 30 Years

This is the definition of weird news. A prisoner in France who killed his cell mate and ate the victim's lung got 30 years in jail last week.

Nicolas Cocaign murdered his fellow prisoner, Thierry Baudry, back in 2007 over a dispute about washing their hands. Then Cocaign cut Baudry open and ate one of his lungs, thinking it was his heart.

From Yahoo!:

"What I did, I liked doing," said Cocaign, 37, who has a shaved head and whose face is covered in tattoos.
He will have to serve at least 20 years of his sentence.
Aware of his impulses, Cocaign had requested psychiatric help in 1998 and asked to be placed in isolation in 2006.
"It's exceptional to see a psychologically disturbed person say: I have to be treated," said defense lawyer Fabien Picchiottino, noting the "failure of the psychiatric, penitentiary and social system."

Just wow.

Think this is weird? Submit is to Digg, Reddit, or elsewhere! Please, we're begging you!

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How should the late Senator Robert Byrd be remembered?

Senator Robert Byrd died yesterday. Though his life he did many things. Byrd was a former member and leader of the Ku Klux Klan who turned into a Democratic leader later in life. He was the longest serving member of Congress in the history of the United States. The question is, how should he be remembered?

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Holy Crap!: Heat Front-Runners to Sign James, Wade, AND Bosh

The Miami Heat might very well hit the jackpot this off season.  The three biggest names in free agency in the NBA, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, are said to be leaning towards signing with the Heat.  If this happens, I fully expect Miami to win 65+ games.

As a Knicks fan, I think I'll go cry in a corner now.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry West Virginia Republicans - NO Special Election.

West Virginia Republicans must be pissed.

Bad news from West Virginia: the Governor will not declare the vacant Senate seat vacant until next week, thus avoiding a special Senatorial election, and leaving the people of West Virginia with an hand picked successor for at least two years.

The Governor is well within his right to stall a special election, according to how state law is written in West Virginia, but his decision is without a doubt motivated by politics. It is what the Governor of Massachusetts would have done, if it wasn't for that "Republicans must be kept out of office" law that passed in 2004.

Imagine if the Seat of Robert Byrd fell into Republican hands.

Chaos would ensue across the Nation.

Republicans have a chance of capturing West Virginia's 1st congressional district, something that hasn't happened since the late 1960's. Do you really think they (they being the Democrats) want to take an electoral chance in the State that Obama lost by over 13% in 2008.

Not only no, but Hell No.

The Governor of West Virginia is a political scumbag. I guess we now have to wait and see who the Governor appoints to represent the serfs in West Virginia. Feudal. Law. Reigns.

South Carolina Gubernatorial Race: Haley (R) with Commanding Lead

Republican Nikki Haley, who recently won the GOP primary in South Carolina, has a double digit lead over her Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen.  Haley was able to defeat Congressman Gresham Barrett for the Republican nomination, after Barrett ran a smear campaign and even referred to the Indian-American Haley as a "raghead."
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A Terrible Rationale for Pulling Out of Afghanistan

The Seattle Times has an absolutely terrible editorial piece arguing that the United States is "running out" of reasons to stay in Afghanistan. Their article is an terrible laughingstock that besmirches not only the US-NATO effort there but also the memories of nearly 3,000 people murdered by jihadists who trained and planned from the Taliban's sanctuary.

A quote:
The United States was not attacked by Afghanistan, but by a band of terrorists trained at a private camp there. The NATO occupation is based on the assumption that if the Taliban return to power, they will invite al-Qaida to set up another camp.
So it's okay that the Taliban willingly allowed al Qaeda and related groups base themselves in their territory and iron out the logistics for the September 11th atrocities? We need to remember one quote about Afghanistan's role in the attacks:

“We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” That was President Bush speaking in September 2001-- I think he had the right perspective.
Another gem from the editorial:

First is that Afghanistan would be "vulnerable to a civil war that would suck in the local powers including Iran, Pakistan, India and Russia." In other words, if America gets out of the killing zone other countries will go in, therefore America should stay in. And that makes no sense.

Let's not remember that when the Soviets left in February 1989 Afghanistan fell into a civil war that did not (ostensibly) settle until 1995 when the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies took Kabul. From that point until 2001 the organization trained 70,000 mujahadin to fight both inside and out of the region. Many of those veterans helped coordinate or carry out the September 11th, Madrid, Bali, and other attacks.

These same veterans helped set up al Qaeda networks in Iraq after the 2003 invasion, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and thousands of US, Allied, and Iraqi forces.

If the US and its Allies leave and the Taliban take over, who would be its only choices for allies? Russia? No. China? No. The most logical allies would be terrorist organizations and the Pakistani ISI.

Not to be too campy, but those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
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Who will Manchin appoint?

After the funeral of West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd in the coming days, I expect all political attention to be directed onto the Governor, Joe Manchin, who will be appointing a temporary successor into the Senate, until a special election can be held this November.

I'm not a expert on the political affairs, politicians, or demographics of West Virginia, but the long held Democratic state is moving more and more to the right, as documented when Rep. Mollohan was kicked out of Congress by a Conservative Democrat in May; an electoral result the Governor should take into account.

In 2004 - President Bush won West Virginia by a 12.9% margin, and in 2008 - Senator McCain won West Virginia by a 13.1% margin; if West Virginia Republicans can shape the race around a strict platform of National and West Virginia based issues of importance, especially in opposition to cap & trade and in support of coal, a victory is definitely probable.

Who will Manchin appoint? I have no idea, but we shall see.



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RIP - Senator Byrd.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia passed away earlier this morning in a Virginia hospital, he was a ripe 92 years of age. The Senator was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1952, where he served for three terms, and was elected into the United States Senate in 1958 - for an impressive 52 years of service.

I disagreed with the former Senator on a lot of issues, but out of respect for his decades of honorable service in the Senate, I will restrain from using any personal insults towards the Senator or from highlighting the unfavorables of his long record.

May the Senator Rest In Peace.

On a political note: according to West Virginia state law, the state must hold a special election to replace the Senator this November. We should see Governor Manchin appoint a successor soon.

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Senator Robert Byrd Dead at 92

Democratic Senator Robert Byrd died today at the age of 92.  Byrd served longer in Congress than any one in history, being elected nine times from 1958 on.

Politically, this could be significant as Byrd was seen as the "sixtieth vote" in several of the President's current bills.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poll: Republican LePage holds Lead in Maine Gubernatorial Race

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Paul LePage has a seven point lead on Democrat Libby Mitchell in Maine, a new poll has revealed.  This report reveals a major reversal of voter sympathies in Maine, as the blue state went overwhelmingly to President Obama just two years ago, giving him 17% more votes than Senator John McCain.  Even more, Maine has not seen a Republican governor in well over a decade.

Democrat Libby Mitchell is the President of the State Senate in Maine, which increases her name recognition.  Republican Paul LePage, in contrast, is the mayor of the city of Waterville.  However, LePage is known as "the most conservative Republican" that the GOP could have nominated, while Mitchell is known as "the most liberal;" the move away from her could reflect national trends.

Another advantage that LePage holds over Mitchell is the fact that Maine voters are leaning to the right on major issues.  53% of Maine voters favor the repeal of Obamacare, while 56% of voters are in favor of passing an immigration law in their state similar to Arizona's.  54% are in favor of new off-shore drilling and 51% of voters disapprove of the job that President Obama is doing.  With such factors, it will be difficult for a liberal to win the state.

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I will watch Grown Ups'.

When Adam Sandler's latest Movie - "Grown Ups", is released on DVD and to DISH Cinema in a few months: I one hundred percent plan on purchasing it. Regardless of what the movie critics or Michael write about it. (Michael Avitabile, is the co-editor of this blog)


Because I'm a committed fan of Sandler's collective works of brilliance. Because I could care less about what those idiotic overpaid film critics write about this or that movie. And because I have seen the trailers, I have read what the audiences have written, and I believe it's close to impossible for a Sandler-Rock-Schneider movie to suck.

Michael - we agree on a lot of political things, but on this - you're just damn wrong, and until I see the movie and watch it for myself, I have absolutely no problem with calling you wrong on this movie.

Also, I would watch this in a Movie Theater; but I really hate them, and hearing some dude and chick making out........just ruins it for me; get a damn room you sickos!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is something wrong with me?

I think there might be something wrong with me: I actually cared more about the longest Tennis match in history ongoing last week, than Team USA taking on some African Nation in the sport I without a doubt hate. Can you believe that! Is there something wrong with me?

I always support Team USA - in Baseball (USA, USA, USA!), in Basketball (USA, USA, USA!), in Football (Like anyone can compete with us in Football), in Hockey (USA, USA, USA!), in Tennis (USA, USA, USA!), in Golf (USA, USA, USA!), in Bobsledding (USA, USA, USA!), etc. etc. etc.

However, I have such a hatred, indifference, and lack of desire for Soccer, that I could not care less about Team USA versus Ghana, Morocco, or any other Nation for the matter; who gives a damn? It's the worst game ever invented in human history (next to Seinfeld Scene It)!

Once again, is there something wrong with me?

I don't think there is, but I can never be sure.

Note to Team USA - It's nothing personal, I just really hate a sport that has less scoring over the course of 100 minutes, than the NFL does in just 5 minutes.


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Dick Cheney in Hospital

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was hospitalized yesterday because he 'was not feeling well.'

This short piece from the N.Y. Times:
Former Vice President Dick Cheney was admitted to George Washington University Hospital for tests Friday after reporting discomfort, a spokesman said. Mr. Cheney, 69, has a history of heart trouble, although the cause of his latest health problem was not clear.

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U.S. Falls to Ghana (in Soccer)

The United States soccer team lost to Ghana today 2-1 in overtime.  This was an elimination game, so the U.S.'s dreams of hoisting the World Cup have come to an end.
 Photo credit:

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Poll: Incumbent Senate Dem in Trouble in Washington

In 2008, President Barack Obama received 17% more votes than Senator John McCain in Washington state, a landslide by political standards. Fast forward two years, and incumbent Democrat Patty Murray is facing fierce competition from Republican challenger Dino Rossi.

According to a new poll released yesterday, Murray and Rossi are now tied 47%-47%. In 2004, Murray received 55% of the vote; in a often-considered blue state, 47% is starkly low.

The Republican primary has not taken place in Washington yet. Against other GOP challengers, Ms. Murray fares much better, leading by at least 8%. The primary takes place on August 17th.

In a year that is considered an up year for Republicans, even gains in a solid blue state are few. This represents a significant "flip" for the GOP.

Related: Poll says that 46% of Americans are upset with the President's handling of the Gulf oil spill.

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Why I'm joining the US Navy - Part 1.

I plan on enlisting in the US Navy sometime this Fall.

My whole Family has backed my decision to enlist 100%; as have most of my friends and members of the Young Republicans Club that I helped to found, though I must admit that non-relatives question why I'm joining more than relatives, thus the reason I'm writing this two-part series of articles.

Let me start with the reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with me enlisting in the US Navy this Fall:

1. College Benefits - I am not joining the US Navy for College Benefits, and even if I ever do decide to enroll in any college in the future (doubt it), I will never accept a dime from the Navy. I'm in this to serve, not to milk.

2. Boredom - I am not joining the US Navy because I lead a boring life, or because I'm a lush, or because I have nothing better to do with my life. But I am rather pleased that I do not have a job to hinder me from serving in the Military.

3. Chicks - Unlike some about my age, I'm not a shallow person who obsesses over chicks and sex. Serving your Nation should have absolutely nothing to with impressing or sleeping with the opposite sex. Infact - I believe women* in the Military are a distraction to the 90% of Armed Forces who are men.

Moving on with the reasoning behind why I'm not enlisting in the other branches of the Armed Forces:

1. National Guard - I hate everything about the National Guard in relation to their "service". I believe in serving your Nation full time, and not just on the weekends, or when there's a violent ice storm 50 miles away.

2. Reserves - Everything I wrote in reason (1), with the exception of violent ice storms.

3. Air Force - I'm not a mechanic. I don't want to fly, and I prefer to actually do something in service for America, besides for flying in circle, after circle, after circle - waiting for an order to bomb a cave.

4. Army - I admire the Army, but it's just not for me.

5. Marines - I believe with all my heart that the Marines are the best of the best in our Armed Forces, no questions asked. Which is why I will not be enlisting with them; I know that I'm not Marine material, and there's no point of trying - the truth is the truth.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Why I'm joining the US Navy, which should be published tomorrow.

* - Plus, allowing men and women to live and sleep with one another in tight Ship and Submarine quarters is just asking for trouble - if you ask for my humble opinion.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Edwin Jackson Throws No-Hitter

Edwin Jackson of the Arizona Diamondbacks has thrown a no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Diamondbacks won the game 1-0.  Jackson walked eight, had an error behind him, and threw over 140 pitches, but managed to put the game away.  The no-hitter is the second in D-backs history.

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