Sunday, January 31, 2010

Larry Kudlow for Senate?

The Scott Brown revolution has moved into Empire state politics, as thousands of New York citizens are calling on popular CNBC host, Larry Kudlow, to challenge Senator Schumer this November and to bring fiscal conservative representation back into the state.

Kudlow is a well known economist, talk show host and columnist, who worked in the Reagan Administration for a number of years, and has donated $32,000 dollars to Republican candidates over the past three decades.

Kudlow is a staunch defender of Capitalism, opposes taxation and protectionism, opposes government run health care, supports the Bush tax cuts, opposes the cap & tax legislation, and supports "Tea-party, free-market populism" according to a recent post on his blog. Kudlow was also a supporter of the Iraqi War, Bush economic policies (tax cuts, etc.) and wrote about Scott Brown's amazing campaign in Massachusetts, touting the similarities between Scott Brown and President Reagan.

Some Republicans are hopeful about our chances against Senator Schumer in November (I believe we should focus on defeating Senator Gillibrand, but I'm dedicated to supporting our candidates, regardless of their political chances), to the point of launching a petition calling on Kudlow to abandon his show, move to the Empire state (he currently resides in Connecticut) and deliver us from Senator Schumer, the man who could care less about the concerns of New Yorkers.

In conclusion, it comes down to three questions - Can Kudlow win? Can Kudlow appeal to Democrats? Can Kudlow unite Republicans, Conservatives and Independents? The answer is a resounding "YES!" to all three questions, as Kudlow could defeat Senator Schumer under the correct circumstances, Kudlow is one of the few Conservatives who can appeal to Democrats (Upstate Conservative Democrats who dislike Schumer) and a Republican launched an Internet petition calling on Kudlow to run, with Chairman Michael Long of the New York Conservative Party signing the petition along with thousands of fellow New Yorkers.

Kudlow should run, because Kudlow can win. Could it be possible to defeat Senator Schumer of all Democrats in New York? Yes, it appears it is now possible, welcome to 2010.

Draft Kudlow -
Kudlow's blog -

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Should Joe Wilson run against Senator Graham in 2014?

Please vote in our poll below!

Senator Graham (R- South Carolina) might be the most hated Republican in our caucus, more so than Senator's Snowe, Collins and Bennett combined, due to his "liberal tendencies" in one of the most Conservative states in the Union, and South Carolina Republicans are well aware. On the other hand we have Congressman Joe Wilson, a devoted Conservative Republican who lashed out against President Obama earlier this year, bringing nationwide attention to this unknown Congressman and to the Democratic sponsored health care legislation that will allow illegal immigrants to receive health care benefits.

Imagine yourself as a Republican voter in South Carolina during the 2014 Senate election, in which Senator Graham and Congressman Joe Wilson are seeking the Republican nomination, who do you vote for?

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A look at the workings of Sarah PAC.

I have been wondering about the inner workings of Sarah PAC (Sarah Palin's official political action committee) for a long time, such as who is and who isn't receiving contributions from her political committee, how successful has the committee been in fundraising and who designed the official website for Sarah PAC, because someone deserves a pink slip.

  • Sarah PAC raised over $2.1 million dollars last year, not bad for an organization that has been around for just twelve months - Huck PAC received $1.3 million dollars less than Sarah Palin's organization did. Speaking volumes in a potential face off for the Republican nomination in 2012, where fundraising will be crucial.
  • Doug Hoffman, Tom Rooney, Tom Coburn, Marsha Blackburn, Rob Portman, John Thune, Richard Burr, Michelle Bachmann, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Jim DeMint, Roy Blunt, Bob McDonnell and John Kasich all received political contributions from Sarah PAC. It appears Chris Christie and David Harmer were left out.
  • Most if not all expenditures were on the up and up, besides for $403.20 dollars that was spent on breakfast in New York, thousands of dollars in photographer costs and thousands spent on website development (got ripped off).
  • Almost all funds raised, came from individual donors....quite the accomplishment.

Sarah Palin's political organization is up and running at full speed, I am glad to see Conservative Republican candidates receiving contributions from Sarah PAC, I hope a new website designer is hired...........and a blog is established and maintained, because the lack of Sarah PAC updates is an annoyance.

Overall, good news for Sarah Palin and to those who donated to Palin's organization, it appears we might have a strong force to stand behind in 2010, I hope we're not disappointed.

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Interview: Manhattan Infidel

Jumping in Pools is proud to present number 54 in our ongoing interview series. This time around, we're asking the questions of Manhattan Infidel, a fine political satire site from the awesome part of the web. So I'd like for all of you to check out his site and subscribe if you like it.

1. When/why did I start Manhattan Infidel?

I started it last February (coming up on my first anniversary - no word yet on whether Congress will give me some sort of award). I started it because I felt I had some things I'd like to say and, working nights as I do for a television network that shall remain nameless (nothing glamorous, just run of the mill Help Desk), I had lots of time on my hands. I started it basically to keep myself sane. Whether it's worked or not that's a question for greater minds than mine. As for the name - two reasons. 1 - It had a nice ring. An Infidel is a nonbeliever and as a libertarian in the heart of liberal Manhattan I am considered a nonbeliever by my liberal friends. 2 - I checked and was already taken.

2. Why satire?

It's basically the only kind of writing I'm good at. Plus, I didn't want to get too heavy. In going around the blogosphere I noticed so much anger. Liberals angry at Conservatives. Conservatives angry at liberals. And, while I do write about politics from a right of center bent, I wanted to create a site that was hopefully funny and entertain people and not vent. I hopefully haven't written an angry post. To paraphrase Bill Murray in Groundhog day - "Don't write angry."

3. My favorite post so far?

It would have to be the post from May 22nd - "Tickle me Elmo 'Tired of this shit" though the one from August 26th - "Nixon Watergate Tape 18 1/2 Minute Gap Finally Revealed" is a close second. Have I received any negative attention? Not from any comments on the site. Though I did get an angry expletive filled email from a friend of mine about a post. (We have since cleared things up.)

4. Has Barack Obama been a better or worse President than I expected?

He's been what I expected, neither better or worse. I didn't vote for him and thought he was too liberal. It's still early. He could surprise us and move to the center like Bill Clinton. That would be nice. Will he do it? I don't know. My personal opinion is that if he moves to the center he has a chance of being a better President.

5. What would I do for a klondike bar?

Well, seeing that I have a category on my blog dedicated to the Yankees (I'm a bleacher creature) I'd have to say I'd root for the Red Sox for a klondike bar.

6. What's the best thing about running my site?

It would be getting a chance to express myself. That and contact with other bloggers.

7. Anything else I'd like to add?

I've never been good at math. I once met Sonny Bono. I have plantar fasciitis. I think that covers it.

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Kurt Warner has retired.

With just one week to Super Bowl 44, Kurt Warner has announced his retirement from the National Football League, after twelve seasons as a professional quarterback. The rise of Kurt Warner from a grocer to Arena Football Star to Super Bowl champion is inspirational, to the same degree as his deep seeded faith in the Lord is.

After stocking shelves in Iowa, Warner joined the Iowa Barnstormers of the now defunct Arena Football League for two seasons, leading the team to two Arena Bowl appearances, losing both. The impressive nature of Warner's performance in the Arena Football League led to the St. Louis Rams signing him as a third string quarterback in 1998.

Warner continued to impress the St. Louis Rams with a spectacular season with the NFL Europe's Amsterdam Admirals, earning a promotion to second string quarterback after the Rams released their other quarterbacks and signed Trent Green during the off season, however, Warner would soon be starting quarterback after Green was injured during a preseason game.

The 1999 season would be magical for Kurt Warner, as he threw for 41 touchdown passes and gained over 4,000 yards in the air, earning a Most Valuable Player award and leading the St. Louis Rams to their first Super Bowl championship in team history. Warner would go onto lead the Rams to another Super Bowl in the 2001 season, losing to the New England Patriots.

Kurt Warner's career would decline at a rapid pace, as he was no longer a Ram in 2004, he lasted for just one season with the Giants and the Arizona Cardinals would sign him in 2005, with an uncertain future ahead of him. After several interesting seasons, Kurt Warner was able to lead the Arizona Cardinals to their first Super Bowl berth, surpassing all expectations at his old age.

24 months after the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 42, Kurt Warner has decided to hang up the cleats and become a better father to his seven children, after completing his dream of becoming a National Football League quarterback, and one of the most successful at that.

He's long been a longtime favorite of mine and I wish him the best in retirement.

Also, some are debating whether or not Kurt Warner should be inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. 208 Touchdowns, 32,000 passing yards, a Quarter Back rating of 93.7% and three Super Bowl berths is good enough for me.

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We KILL terrorists.....

The Taliban on Saturday denied reports that their representatives met with a U.N. official to discuss prospects for peace in Afghanistan, calling them "futile and baseless" rumors.

The U.N. in Afghanistan has not confirmed the meeting between the Taliban and the world body's local chief, Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide.

But U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Eide, who is leaving his post within weeks, wanted to "get his own conclusion about the mindset of some of the Taliban members."

"The (Taliban) Leadership Council considers this mere futile and baseless rumors," a statement e-mailed to news organizations said of the reported meeting. "The Leadership Council once again emphasizes continuation of Islamic jihad against all invaders as a mean to frustrate these conspiracies."

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a conference on Afghanistan in London on Thursday that he would offer jobs and homes to Taliban fighters willing to renounce violence and would reach out to leaders of the hardline Islamic movement.

The Afghan leader will convene a peace jirga — or conference — to bring together Afghan leaders, members of civil society groups and clerics.

U.S. officials have endorsed plans to offer peace to low and mid-level Taliban fighters but remain skeptical of entering into deals with Taliban leaders, who harbored Osama bin Laden. The Taliban refusal to hand over bin Laden after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the U.S. triggered the Afghan war.

What in the hell is wrong with America? "We have endorsed plans to offer peace to low and mid-level Taliban fighters but remain skeptical of entering into deals with Taliban leaders, who harbored Osama Bin Laden". Is that the American National defense of new? A nation that endorses a plan to "offer" peace to terrorists who have killed Americans, while remaining "skeptical" over the offer of peace to Taliban leaders.......

I have a better plan - we send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, blanket all regions of the nation and kill all members of the Taliban we come across. Accepting no surrenders, but focusing on punishment for all of the Islamic Jihadist defenders and fighters. I like that plan, because it enforces the American position of old- we kill evil, we don't appease it.

Six decades after the Nazi's murdered millions of European Jews, our Israel friends are still hunting down the remaining Nazi scum that survives to this day, seeking all costs, that is something we need to adopt in the War on Terrorism.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Conservatives battle over Space Exploration.

I hate Conservative vs. Conservative battles, but these are battles that will define our movement, character and governing in the coming Republican controlled House of Representatives and Executive Branch. I'm not one to attack fellow Conservatives, but we're facing tough times in America, should we be fighting over Space Exploration?

Barack Obama's administration announced a cut in a vital section of the Constellation Program earlier this week, ending all hopes of returning American astronauts to the Moon and launching missions to reach Mars for a long time, choosing "budget cuts" over "national pride", when in the end the Democratic Budget will increase funding to the NASA program, for climate change instead of exploration.

This has (excuse the intentional pun) launched a battle of opinions amongst Conservative bloggers, as some agree with the Obama administration and others disagree with the Obama administration on this sudden hot button issue of Americas future in Space Exploration.

Conservative bloggers who support decision

Are conservatives really upset about this? I would have thought it’d be grudgingly approved as an unfortunate yet necessary sacrifice to fiscal responsibility, but the Village Voice cobbled together an entire article few days ago from angry reactions of righty bloggers to news that the mission was on the chopping block. On the one hand, we’re knocking The One for his laughably puny spending freeze, and on the other, we’re knocking him for not shoveling billions towards NASA for yet another hoparound on the big rock in the sky? I don’t get it.

Allahpundit -

Concurring with just one word.....

Ann Althouse -

Conservative bloggers who oppose decision

In a rational world, we wouldn't need a NASA. The private industry would do it all, but government has just about snuffed every possibility of that out.

Obama is killing space. Billions for graft and corruption and his union army and worse for the junk science of global warming, but nothing for the future discovery and the progress of man. It's awful. The collapse of science is all but complete.

Trillions for global hoaxing, the middle finger for science.

Pamela Geller -

Concurring with passion............

This is 2010. Four decades since we landed on the moon. We should have permanent human habitation on the moon by now, and be on the way to landing man on Mars. Every ounce of research indicates that because there is water on the moon and on Mars, that continued human habitation is possible.

We will never get to the stars until we learn how to live off of this rock. The only way we can survive here centuries into the future is to revert back to cavemen, with no technologies, no cities and no global economy. Or, we can develop new technologies. And the only way to do that is by new technology, and space exploration is proven to accomplish that.

Billy Dennis -

The opinions of this Conservative blogger?

I support the proposed Moon mission one hundred percent. JFK understood what was valuable in American exploration into the unknown, besides defeating our Soviet enemies in the battle for space and the Moon, because we are the United States of America, we don't do something because it offers the least resistance, but because it offers the greatest challenge to prove ourselves once again to the world, for what and who we are.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of waste in our government, but sending an American to Mars is not a waste, regardless of what financial situation we happen to be in, because American greatness and pride never takes a backseat in a recession, that includes explorations........imagine our Founding Fathers at this time, discussing our exploration to Mars!

It's such a shame we have a socialistic moron in charge of America, because we could have done something no other nation on the face of the earth has ever accomplished before, we could have put a man on Mars.

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What is the point of blogging?

What is the point of blogging?


Bloggers, regardless of political affiliation or genre write dozens of articles a week, sometimes more or less, depending on the news of the hour and time available to produce more content. Most bloggers are writing for pleasure or to have a open forum to espouse their political, sports or random views, while some are full time bloggers seeking financial gain.

Blogging for bucks is an unrealistic endeavor that results in shattered dreams of blogosphere conquest 98.9 percent of the time, however, 1.1% of bloggers have capitalized in the new media as independent sources of news and opinion, but most of the successful bloggers are either current or former members of the Main Stream Media, such as Michelle Malkin and R.S. McCain.

Prominent capitalistic bloggers have achieved success, but the average political, sports or random thoughts blogger has a better chance of being linked on the Drudge Report or Insta Pundit than profiting from Adsense or individual advertisements.

Blogging is fun 80 percent of the time, while blogging is pure hell 20 percent of the time.

I should elaborate on the highlights and suckage of blogging, but that would distract us from the initial question of this article, What is the point of blogging?

Monetary success is out of the question for most if not all bloggers, blogging does involve some baggage that one deals with, such as personal insults or an archive of political rants that could be used against someone in the future, and political blogging in particular can be frustrating, as there have been times I've contemplated a weekend of seclusion.

Leaving us with accomplishments and our version of making a difference in the political or sports based realm of opinions and ideas. 2009 was such a year for the Conservative blogosphere, as scandals were exposed, Presidential nominees and appointments were uncovered and forced out of office on occasion, legislation has been revealed and candidates have been lifted up from political obscurity.

In conclusion, political blogging is hard work, sports blogging can be monotonous, fashion blogging is the bottom of the proverbial gutter, film blogging is below the actual gutters of Cincinnati and recipe blogging is insulting to all of us, but we all have a passion to express our Constitutional right to blog about whatever the hell we want, so deal with it!

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Where's George

Here is a link to Where's George?, a website that tracks any currency bill and tells you where it's been.

If you find George Washington, say hi for me, won't you?

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Friday George W. Bush Open Thread

I Ain't Actually Pardoning Him

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Black Republican seeking some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Authors note - I refuse to "capitalize" white or black, because we're all Americans, race means nothing to me.

There is ideological racism in America, located one hundred percent amongst Liberal Democrats who despise Conservative Republicans who happen to be black, while blaming Conservative Republicans for all injustices ever done to black Americans, when it was white Democrats who enslaved black Americans against their will.

With the 2010 congressional elections upcoming, Republicans who happen to be black are declaring their political intentions across America, as Michael Williams could become the next Republican Senator to represent Texas after Senator Hutchison resigns this spring, Ryan Frazier is seeking the Republican nomination in Colorado's 7th congressional district and Isaac Hayes is running for Congress in Illinois.

We know our ideological counterparts will look down on Michael Williams, Ryan Frazier and Isaac Hayes, however, how will black publications react to the declared Republican candidates? According to a press release I received this morning, black publications will treat black Republicans like dirt under their shoes.

The following letter was released today by Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, the GOP nominee for Congress in IL-2, challenging the persistent indifference to Black Republican candidates by Black publications:

“As ‘minorities’ we have always called for diversity and tolerance” said Hayes, “yet within Black press there is no tolerance for Black Republicans and no willingness to embrace Black political diversity. My question is why not? Why are our press releases, letters to the editor, community events, and campaigns ignored? Is it not the responsibility of Black press to keep the Black community informed of what and who is impacting their lives?”

Rev. Hayes has called for Black publications to be more inclusive in their reporting, but became alarmed when this week’s endorsement sections were for Democrats exclusively, with no mention of the Republican primaries or candidates. Hayes said, “Our backgrounds include Reverend, Alderman, Officer, working with youth, and community organizing with President Barack Obama. We are not outsiders. We ask that we not be treated as such.”

Read the rest,

Black Republicans have been called "Uncle Tom's", "traitors" as well as other insulting and degrading names, however, with the 2010 congressional elections upcoming and black Republicans declaring their intention to seek elected office across America, it appears a lack of "respect" should be added to the list.

2010 will be a time for Conservative Republicans to be elected across America, retake the House of Representatives and make a daring attempt at complete control of the United States Senate, but our black brothers running across America need to be supported, because racism does exist in America.......against our Republican brethren who happen to be black.

Disgusting as that is.

Also, I am seeking all information on declared Republican candidates who happen to be black, because I am in the process of writing an extensive article on their campaigns. I can be reached at or just leave a comment in this article.

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RE: Megan Fox Just Isn't That Hot

RELATED: The Definitive List of Women Hotter than Megan Fox.

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While I do agree with my fellow blogger that Elizabeth Hurley is far more attractive than Megan Fox there is no way in hell you can say she is not hot. I mean look at her!
While his choices were good they can't compete with these woman...
Yeah now those are attractive woman.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interscholastic sports for Homeschooled students in New York?

Full disclosure - I reside in Senator Seward's district and I have supported his previous campaigns.

During a recent exchange of emails with Senator James Seward (Republican/Conservative/Independence Parties - 51st Senatorial district), he indicated his support of proposed Senate legislation that would allow home schooled children to participate in interscholastic sports, something that is prohibited under current education law in New York.

This is not surprising to me, as Senator Seward has long advocated the involvement of home schooled children in interscholastic sports, including legislation he co-sponsored with former Senator (and former Congressman) Kulh to do just that, several years ago.

Under the current law, if Tim Tebow was a resident of New York during his high school years, he would've been denied participation in interscholastic sports, due to him being home schooled, despite the fact his parents would've been paying land and school taxes.

S6350 was introduced sometime over the current legislative session, as State Senator William Stachowski (Democratic/Conservative/Working Families Parties - 58th Senatorial district) is the lone sponsor of this legislation as of this afternoon, however, Senator Seward has signaled his support for the home school athletics legislation if it reaches the Senate floor, but he also acknowledged the main problem in passing such legislation is in the Assembly.

The above mentioned law would allow home schooled athletes to participate in interscholastic sports, something that I missed out on. Being a product of homeschooling..... meant settling for Babe Ruth and American Legion baseball for a few months out of the year, instead of joining the local high school team in baseball, football or even basketball, but we can change that for future generations.

Senator's Seward and Stachkowski (though a Democrat, a pro-homeschooling Republican should run for office) are on our side, now we need 30 additional Senators to be on our side as well. If we can work hard on this legislation, perhaps a local injustice can be corrected and more superstar's such as Tim Tebow can be discovered.

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The Taliban are Closeted Gays?!?

From FoxNews, it appears that our dear friends in the Taliban are not just angry about Western culture, but because they are closeted homosexuals:

The group of interpreters who had contracted gonorrhea joked in the camp that they actually got the disease by "mixing green and black tea." But since they refused to heed the medics' warnings, many of them re-contracted the disease after receiving treatment.

The U.S. army medic also told members of the research unit that she and her colleagues had to explain to a local man how to get his wife pregnant.

The report said: "When it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked, 'How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.'"

The Pashtun populations are concentrated in the southern and eastern parts of the country. The Human Terrain Team that conducted the research is part of a military effort to learn more about local populations.

The report also detailed a disturbing practice in which older "men of status" keep young boys on hand for sexual relationships. One of the country's favorite sayings, the report said, is "women are for children, boys are for pleasure."

What the hell?!?!?

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Who Really Caused the Banking Crisis? Transcripts from Congress

As Barack Obama last night went into full blame-Bush mode for just about anything, I've decided to take a look at actual Congressional Transcripts and take a look at what was actually happening on Capital Hill in the years before the 2008 banking collapse. Was George Bush really asleep at the wheel or were Congressional Democrats manipulating things?

Take a look at who is actually guilty. From the May 18-19 Hearing on the regulation of banking and exchanges. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT):

 I think the SEC did a very thorough job. This was not a 
decision reached hastily at all, to put it mildly, after 4 or 5
years, and obviously, there is a significant debate about it,
and I know my colleague Senator Crapo and others have strong
feelings, and there are arguments to be held, so it is
worthwhile to go through this process as we go forward, but I,
for one, think the SEC is fulfilling its historic obligation
here, and that is dealing with investor protection, and it is
awkward, these changes, but to do otherwise, I think, would be
to fail on our responsibility collectively.
Chuck Hagel (R)

You, of course, are aware that in December 2004,
the SEC informed Fannie that it did not properly apply an
accounting derivatives standard known as FAS 133. Last week,
Fannie May disclosed that it will delay its 2005 first quarter
financial report with the SEC and that it misapplied another
accounting standard, FAS 115, which it uses to classify its
mortgage-backed securities.

From a meeting
from September 2003. Hilda Solis (D-CA):

I must state for the record that I am against corporate
mismanagement, and I believe the steps that Freddie Mac has taken in
recent months to rectify their poor management issues are to be
commended. We as members of Congress must not allow these reported
management irregularities at Freddie Mac to obscure the important role
that housing GSEs play in making affordable mortgage lending available
to communities across the United States. Housing GSEs were created to
bring low cost capital to the housing market, a congressionally-
mandated obligation that, in my experience, has done well.
We must not lose sight of the fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
have harnessed their expertise in housing finance and greatly advanced
access to low cost capital to millions of low and moderate-income

From an October 30, 2007 hearing on "Minority Banking."
Congressman Melvin Watt (D-NC)

The GAO reported that several minority bank officials suggested that Federal regulators should consider undergoing additional training to
gain sensitivity to the unique challenged faced by minority
banks. I would like to hear more about those challenges and
what would be appropriate to respond to them.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA)

I am reminded of the disaster in the Gulf Coast with
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the impact that they had on
some of our minority banks. While I know there was some
assistance, it was not enough. We do very little to preserve
and/or expand minority banks. And even though I think we can
find somewhere in our laws that it is intended that we should
try and preserve and expand minority banks, when we have
attempted to use that instruction and law, we have not been
able to execute anything in a real way.
And while I am doing that, I would like to make a
disclosure--because I think it is absolutely necessary--that my
husband is a director of a minority bank. So I want that on the
record, and I will submit my disclosure in writing.

And an exchange between Congresswoman Waters and Sandra Braunstein,
from the Board of Governors from the Federal Reserve:

Ms. Braunstein. The capital rules are mainly the Federal
Reserve's in terms of holding companies. We have done a couple
of things to address the concerns that have been raised by the
other panelists over the last year, and we are still working at
this, and it is not to say that we can't do more. But--
Ms. Waters. How does it work now?
Ms. Braunstein. Well, the way it works now is that for Tier
1 capital, a significant amount of the Tier 1 capital needs to
be voting stock. And so we do--we require at this point common
stockholders' voting stock to be the dominant element within
Tier 1.
Ms. Waters. Well, I thought--I don't know if we are talking
about the same thing or not.
Ms. Braunstein. So one of the things that we have--
Ms. Waters. I really want to understand reserves because to
me, reserves means an amount that you hold aside to be there to
pay for whatever--losses, lawsuits, what have you. That is what
I am talking about. I am not talking about the--
Ms. Braunstein. Control?
Ms. Waters. Yes. I want to know about the reserve. Are
minority banks required to hold in reserve a disproportionate
amount of capital or money, compared to other institutions?

Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY):

Where or how do you generally recruit for individuals that
you need in your banks? I have been an advocate--in fact, in
one of the GSE bills, I had an amendment saying that the new
regulator needed to make efforts towards diversity there
because it has been my opinion that when you have a government
agency, and some of the regulatory agencies in particular, if
they hire minorities in there, then the experience that they
get from there, they now can go out and be employed by
individuals like yourselves and in other institutions.
So I am just wondering, how do you find that, and the
training, and would you say we need to--how could we improve
the diversity within the financial services industry?

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Racist Liberal!

While recapping the State of the Union address, MSNBC's Chris Matthews says of President Obama, "I forgot he was black tonight, for an hour."

Conservatives are not racist. We look at the issues, agendas and politics of the hour in a political sense, not a racial sense. I notice a difference in opinion amongst our ideological counterparts, as well documented by Chris Matthews RACIST comment last night. I wonder if Matthews will be fired like Don Imus was?

Also, from what I have been reading on our fellow Conservative blogs, Obama's speech was a bust last night, incorrect and inaccurate as usual. Obama attacked President Bush, the Supreme Court, and Republicans, while ignoring the opinion of millions of Americans - declaring his continued pursuit for government run health care.

I'm glad I did not watch the speech last night, because I would have screamed at the television for an hour. That's the reason I left the aftermath discussion to thousands of Conservative bloggers who can better deal with idiots. Unlike me.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Texting - Conservatism.

American politics is an addition for me, as I am the most informed and Conservative member of all relatives that I know. Well, I received a message this evening from a Sister-In-Law, the back and forth is deserving of national recognition.

Sister-In-Law : U watching Obama?

Me : What the hell do U think?

Sister-In-Law : U should be. Just 2 hear what is going on. Knowledge.

Me : There is a difference between sustained knowledge and political bullshit.

Sister-In-Law : LOL!!!! Ur 2 much!!!!!!!!!!

She is a Conservative Republican, but she has a Patriotic ambition to watch inaugurations and State Of The Union addresses, regardless of political affiliation. I respect that, but I am well aware of Obama's antics and suggestions, no need to disrupt a fine evening.

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Obama: It's Bush's Fault

I feel like vomiting after the garbage that was shoved down my throat tonight.

To sum up:

Why did Obama deepen our debt? Bush.
Why did we lose the jobs that Obama said we wouldn't? Bush.
Did Bush have any problems while in office? No, he made them (I guess for Obama to deal with)

And of course, tax cuts won't work, spending less won't work. We MUST tax, we must spend, and somehow the average American will have more money in their wallet.

UPDATE: Watch the Republican Response here.

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State of the Union Speech Tonight

According to sources, the President will spend the majority of his 2010 State of the Union speech on the economy. In other words, President Bush will be blamed for Obama's mistakes in tonight's S.O.T.U.

I'm putting my money on Obama mostly talking about how, when he took office, the United States was a veritable hell. Then he came along, and while the results haven't been perfect, pulled us from the brink single-handedly. This will be opposed to what really happened: he entered office when the U.S. economy was in a rut, and now it is in a much bigger rut thanks to him.

The worst part of this is that our biggest problem when Obama took office was the economy (jobs and debt). Now, it is the economy (jobs and debt), over-10% unemployment, inflation, health care, and the government encroaching even more on our private lives.

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Is Hayworth a Birther?

The challenger to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, JD Hayworth, may have some explaining to do. Appearing on the left-wing opinion channel MSNBC, he told left-wing host Chris Matthews that he wants to see Barack Obama's birth certificate.

The main problem is that it's been released before. Not only that, but plenty of supplementary evidence backs up the President's documented birth in Hawaii. None supports him being born outside of the US.

In addition, even though Hayworth is significantly more conservative than "Maverick" McCain, he still divides the Tea Party movement. Freedom Works, perhaps the largest of the groups, has not declared its support for Hayworth.

If Hayworth is actually a birther, he will not win the general election, even if he defeats McCain. In an increasingly Latino state, staking his reputation on such a bizarre and fanciful position will be worse that just about anything McCain can say or vote on.

Hayworth is beginning to remind me of a right-wing Alan Grayson. He says a lot of outrageous things to get attention, but is actually fragile. Say what you want about McCain, but if it's between him and a Grayson clone, count me in the McCain camp.

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Domino's New Pizza Stinks; Domino's Putting Up Fake Reviews to Boost Ratings

Saw the commercials, couldn't believe that people were singing the graces of the "new and improved" Domino's pizza. Then I remembered, hey, I write for a blog that has singles of hits every day! And I also remembered an invention called the "interwebs," formerly known as the internet.

So I decided to do some research of my own. Much to my not-surprise, not only were praises of Domino's new pizza sparse, but outright rage towards their "cardboard" with sauce were everywhere. So please enjoy some choice collections of new Domino Pizza Reviews:

1/5 Stars: Terrible

I tried the "new and improved" dominos pizza recently and was not impressed, to say the least. The only difference that I noticed was that they just use more dough to make a thicker crust. The sauce is horrible, the cheese is low quality, and the toppings are scarce. Anyone who actually thinks this is good pizza either completely lacks taste buds or is high on drugs. Dominos and most of the larger chains have ruined pizza. Most of these places use frozen dough and low quality ingredients. Give your mom and pops the business, You'll get a much better pie. Tell dominos to keep their crappy pizza and gimmicky nonsense they try to sell you along with the pizza.

1/5 Stars: Terrible

I tried Domino's because of the ads touting the new taste. We ordered one 2 item thin crust, one 2 item regular chewy crust in medium for 5.99 each. I ordered pepperoni and double cheese. I was told that was 3 items. I asked how that was? I asked if cheese was considered extra. She said extra cheese was ok as a topping but double cheese was considered 2 toppings by itself. Hmmmmm. She sounded dumb enough not to waste my time arguing. The order was 20 minutes late. Frankly they were absolutely terrible. The sauce was way too sweet, the small amount of cheese wasn't cheesy, the crust was like cardboard with garlic salt sprinkled on. The pepperoni was skimpy as were the green peppers. I'll never order their product again. I'd rather eat a frozen Tombstone than a fresh Dominos. People, don't waste your money!

1/5 Stars: Terrible

I tried the "new" pizza and it is awful. Does anyone remember the 80's when their pizza really was good? Why can't they go back to that? I called the store back and complained that the crust is the same ole crust with the exception of brushing butter and garlic on the butt of the crust and she just laughed and said I was right. It is just awful.

I couldn't taste any difference in the sauce or cheese. I again am through with these guys. Just awful.

1/5 Stars: Terrible

No thanks, I'll pass. If I want to eat cardboard, I'll just go for the real thing.

1/5 Stars: Terrible

It is by far the worst pizza I've ever had, it's just that every time I order pizza from this place, I say I am not going to do it, well I promise, this is going to be the last time!

Who mixes Fetta cheese with mozzarella!!!! That new garlic prawn pizza is just disgusting, I had a frozen prawn in it & the fishy taste is unbearable!

Honestly, it's a shame!

And some choice fake reviews by Domino's that they put in themselves. Seriously, after looking at the other reviews and the "profiles" of people who gave these particular ratings, how can they think that anyone believe that these are real?

5/5 Stars: Great

Their new recipe is awesome! The new choice of sauces and expanded topping choices is just great. We tried the white sauce with spinach, mushrooms and onions and it was delicious! We also tried their new robost sauce with provolone and cheddar cheese toppings... yum! The crust is now brushed with a buttery garlic sauce before it's baked so it tastes so much better than it did before. You should give it a try you won't be disappointed!

5/5 Stars: Great

I have been to Dominos a hand full of times and I was never impressed. Then one evening my girlfriend and her mom wanted some quick inexpensive pizza, so they suggested Little Caesars. (Ugh!) I remember seeing a Dominos commercial and hearing about their "new pizza". To make a long story short I went to my local Dominos resturant and ordered a medium pepperoni pizza with extra cheese for around 6 bucks. The service was good and the pizza was great. I definetly feel I got my bang for my buck, thanks Dominos you made me a believer, I will see you guys soon(super Bowl)!

5/5 Stars: Great

Wow guys. You're all liars. I've been working at a CSR at Dominos in Atlanta for a while now.. None of those things are true. For one, we cut the pizza and put it directly into a stickered box. No one eats the pizza, or they would get immediatly fired. Ever think of your kids taking a slice before you noticed it so they could get more? The second thing. We don't freeze our dough. EVER. We hand toss every pizza, sauce/cheese/top it ourselves with a lot of care. Managers are extremelt strict and any employee's who don't take care in making this pizza will get fired. Its great pizza at a great price.

Notice how each of these fake ones nail the new stuff and try to tell you that all the old problems have changed? Not to mention disparaging other pizza chains (Little Ceasars) and using buzz words like "bang for the buck" and "great pizza at a great price." Or how about calling everyone else "liars?"

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If the GOP Nomination for President was tonight....

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