Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin will not run for President.

I guarantee Sarah Palin will not run for President in 2012. Seriously, I don't see an electoral path for Sarah Palin to succeed as the Republican nominee, or for Sarah Palin to receive the Grand Old Party nomination during the Presidential primaries. Call me a pseudo-Conservative, but a potential candidate needs to be acting like a potential candidate, not like the female Conservative version of Geraldo.

Potential Republican candidates make a few appearances on Cable Television and Talk Radio and those same potential candidates attend Republican fundraisers, publish political essays or drink red wine with close friends and associates. Sarah Palin has joined a news network, is hosting two different shows on two different networks, and her concerns are with attending each Tea Party rally, instead of discussing an electoral game plan.

Potential candidates follow the Romney game plan: Publish a book based on the issues, appear on television as a "wanted guest" who is not often heard from, and pound the pavement on a specific issue or issues. There's a reason I will guarantee the former Massachusetts Governor will run for President, and why the former Alaska Governor will not - One wants it, the other doesn't.

With all that has been said, what is next for Sarah Palin, and can she run for President? Yes, she can run for President, but after she wins elected office as either a Congresswoman or as a Senator. The reason being; she has not served as Governor for 8 months, she is becoming a house hold name for targets and documentaries, instead of her actions as the former Governor of Alaska, and that is something that has to change, for the sake of her political future.

As for her undetermined future, I expect the Governor to continue attending Tea Party rallies, to continue appearing on television as a commentator, and soon to be host, and to continue as the Sarah Palin we all know and adore: To be the Conservative Woman who will not put up with shit.

What say you?

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Gimme That Filet-o-Fish: Man Slaps McD Worker for Fish Filet

Well, I guess they didn't put this in the commercials, but it seems like the filet-o-fish must be a really, really good deal.

Police said the customer crawled out of his car and into the drive thru window to get his fish sandwich, after slapping the McDonald's employee in the face.

"His Filet-O-Fish was taking too long at 4:30 in the morning," said South Brunswick Police Detective Sergeant James Ryan to NBCNewYork.

According to Ryan, the customer yelled at the employee and pushed him against the counter.

"After he slaps him, he takes his food," said Ryan.

Perhaps suggesting how hungry the suspect was, Ryan said he then threatened the employee by telling him "I'll be waiting for you when you get off work."

Sounds like a good idea for a commercial.

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Interview With Skip Mercer, Republican Senatorial Candidate from Washington

Jumping in Pools is proud to bring you our 69th interview in our on-going series. Today, we are honored to talk to James "Skip" Mercer, a Republican running for Senate in the state of Washington. A professor, Dr. Mercer sees himself as a Reagan conservative that can help our nation. You can check out his campaign website here. I would like to personally thank Dr. Mercer for taking the time to answer our questions. Now, without further ado, the interview:

Why are you the best choice for Washington?

At 63, I am the most senior candidate that I have met, and with that age comes some very valuable experience. I am a Professor in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, and a Principal Physicist at the Applied Physics Laboratory, both at the University of Washington. In my 43 years at the UofW I have conducted classified research for the US Navy and basic research in acoustics and ocean physics. I have also conducted research in global warming, nuclear waste disposal, energy alternatives, and I am well prepared to understand and choose appropriate solutions for our nation's and state's future. I am also keenly aware of the weakness of our educational system. I am a history buff who cherishes the wisdom of our founding fathers and the providence related to their efforts. I did not come from a privileged background. I was raised by a single mother in the south end of Seattle. I am a Christian and outspoken enough to become the Chairman of the Board for a 5,000 member church. My wife and I are currently Representatives for Christian Ministries in Africa and have helped lead a group to Kenya. We also provide and prepare breakfast on a regular basis for homeless kids in Seattle. Finally, I am also disciplined physically, and have a black belt in karate. I mention all of this because I think a well-rounded individual should be developed in the mind, spirit, and body.

You say that you are a Reagan conservative. Do you believe that the Congress has forgotten the lessons that President Reagan taught us during his time in office?

Yes, for sure. Although he did not keep government as small as he could have, I am sure he would be alarmed at its size now and at the new taxes that are coming down the road. He would also be disturbed at the loss of our individual freedoms and the continual 'progressive' re-interpretation of the Constitution.

If elected, what plans do you have to help Washington economically?

To begin with, I would concentrate on a better trade relationship with Asia. Secondly, I believe that Eastern Washington with its inexpensive land and energy is ripe for high-tech development in certain industries. Nuclear energy should be developed in this state. And it should go without saying that our existing companies need to be given incentives to stay in Washington State. For the longer term, the Federal Government (without the need for a Department of Education) should only provide money for K-12 education if the student is allowed to take that funding to any school he wishes.

If given the chance, would you vote to repeal ObamaCare? Why?

Yes, because it does not address the fundamental problem which is the cost of medical care and it is fundamentally inappropriate under our Constitution.

You are a Professor in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. How would you experience as an educator help you govern Washington?

For one thing, I am certainly familiar with the liberal mind set and its weaknesses. I have also become experienced in explaining technical issues to those who do not yet have the background to evaluate them for themselves. In addition, I have first-hand knowledge of the weakness of our students compared to those from Asia and Northern Europe, for example.

If you are nominated by the Republican Party to represent your state, in your opinion, what are the chances that you will win the state-wide election?

The best political pundits have learned to not predict elections. One thing is certain - change happens. I will go forward as if the election is won already.

So-called Tea Parties have swept across the nation in the last year. What is your opinion of this movement?

This movement is a healthy demonstration that our people are not all asleep and that they still value their freedoms.

Anything more you would like to add?

In traveling the state with many of the other candidates I have found that most share the same conservative political viewpoints. It is easy to rah rah the talking points, but the time is near for people to explore the experience and character of the candidates. I don't have any high-ranking political friends, I don't need a new career, I am not throwing money at this campaign and I am upset at the cost of these campaigns. I have no reason to change once I get to WDC.

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Interview with Charles Djou, Republican candidate for Congress.

I just concluded an Interview with Charles Djou, the Republican candidate for Congress in Hawaii's upcoming special congressional election. He has a chance to represent the district that Barack Obama grew up in, as well as to provide Conservatives and Republicans with another voice and vote against the horrific policies of President Obama, and members of the Democratic leadership. Please urge all of your friends in Hawaii to support Mr.Djou, and please visit his website at This is the 68th interview in our on-going series.

Tim Knight - Mr. Djou, will you be a vote for repealing Obamacare?

Charles Djou - Yes, I would vote to repeal. To withstand an inevitable Obama veto of any repeal legislation, those - like myself - in favor of repeal need a veto proof majority in both chambers. Returning a Republican majority to Congress won’t be enough to fix the health care act and its financial mess. We will need two-thirds support in each body. Mathematically, even if the GOP wins every single US Senate race in 2010, Republicans will still be 8 votes shy of a 2/3 majority in the Senate.

If we do not have the votes to repeal the bad law, I will do everything I can to amend the legislation to ameliorate its inevitably deleterious effects, even if we have to fix the law one subsection at a time. For example, the 3.8% on all so-called passive income will stifle investment.
This tax attaches to interest, dividends, rents, pass through business income and other income. Similarly, raising the threshold for deducting medical expenses from 7.5% to 10% of adjusted gross income will hurt families who are struggling with massive medical expenses. We should be increasing the deduction for medical expenses, not pushing struggling families further down the road to financial ruin.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, how do you feel about your upcoming election?

Charles Djou - I feel great. I have met with people from one end of the district to the next. I enjoy sharing my message—what I believe in and why I want to make a difference for Hawai‘i. I enjoy learning from people that I meet and hearing about what matters to them. I look forward to meeting and speaking with many others as we near the election period.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, what is your opinion of America's National Defense?

Charles Djou - I serve in the United States Army Reserve, and I know that our uniformed men and women are the most capable soldiers in the world. Hawai‘i has a unique and critical role in our national security. My Congressional district is home to key military bases and stations, including the Navy's Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the Army's 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, and the Air Force's Pacific Air Force at Hickam Air Force Base. To face the diverse and challenging threats facing the country, America must maintain its strong military and Hawai‘i must retain its central role in military preparedness.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, how corrupt is the Congress, and how can you fight that corruption?

Charles Djou - I share your frustration, but there are many honest men and women on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, there are individuals who abuse their position. These kinds of people have always found their way into government.

While we will never rid government of corruption, we must do everything we can to adopt and enforce sensible ethics and conflict of interest rules for legislators and their staff. The personal integrity of our elected officials has a direct impact on our citizens’ faith in government and more broadly affects the economic well being of Hawai‘i and the nation. When people have trust in their elected officials, they have trust in their government.

I am proud of my record of fighting corruption. As a council member, I passed major ethics reforms to give the City ethics commission the power to issue fines and cleaned up Honolulu's corrupt liquor commission. This is the record I will bring if elected to Congress.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, what is your opinion of gay marriage, and how could that factor into your campaign?

Charles Djou - I support traditional marriage. Marriage has both religious and civil implications. Marriage is undeniably a religious institution, in which a personal relationship between individuals is instituted and celebrated according to their religious beliefs. In addition, government has long conferred legal benefits and protections on married couples. In other words, marriage is also a public institution. This public institution has historically been limited to men and women, even where other relationships were respected.

I support the continued restriction of marriage to an institution between men and women. This does not suggest that society should deny gays and lesbians the legal benefits of marriage. On the contrary, I support domestic partnerships. Domestic partnerships afford the same legal benefits of marriage while preserving the sanctity of the marital institution.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, for those residing In the Mainland, could you please detail the Hawaii special election format?

Charles Djou - This special election will be held in a "winner take all" format. Under Hawaii law, unlike most states, there are no primary or runoff elections. All candidates from all parties run in a single election. The candidate who receives the most votes, even if it is just a plurality, wins the Congressional seat. As the only major Republican candidate in this race with two major Democrats in the race, this format clearly favors my campaign.

The Office of Elections has set May 22nd as the date of the special election and has determined that the election will be an all mail-in special election. Ballots will be mailed to every registered voter in the district on Friday, April 30. The deadline to register to vote is April 22. Ballots must be returned to the Office of Elections no later than May 22nd.

Tim Knight - Mr.Djou, how can Americans from across the Land support your campaign for Congress?

Charles Djou - Nothing can make a more profound statement that Congress is taking the nation in the wrong direction than sending a Republican to represent the President's hometown in this upcoming special election. I understand that every dollar the government spends comes from a family. I also understand that it is more important to elect a Congressman who holds down taxes and lets families keep more of their money than to elect a Congressman who wants to spend all of their money.

If you believe as I do that Congress needs to change direction, you can help me in three ways. First, tell your friends, family and coworkers about me. Show them that we have the same values. Elections are won one voter at a time.

Second, come out and help. Wave signs with me. Walk a neighborhood with me. Sponsor a dinner or coffee hour. Help me to connect with the voters of our great state.

Finally, please consider making a financial contribution. There is no taking money out of politics. My campaign uses donations to buy air time on television and radio, to support volunteers and to buy bumper stickers and yard signs. Every dollar that my campaign receives goes toward our effort to shake up Congress.

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U.S. Senate Candidate Gwyndolyn McClellan (R, FL): "The United States of America... is one of the most Corrupt and Valueless Countries that Exist"

I have recently been interviewing Republican Senatorial candidates throughout this nation; regardless of how small or how low their chances, I believe this is important because in our nation, anyone can do anything. I also tried to interview Republican Gwyndolyn McClellan, who is running in Florida. While Ms. McClellan was very kind in her emails, she did not want to participate in an interview. Then she wrote me why.

Here now, in its entirety, is Gwyndolyn McClellan's opinion of the United States and our system of government:

"This race, along with every political race in this country, has already been set up: this race is set up for either Charlie Christ or Marco Rubio to win. This country runs around the world advocating to other countries that they should conform their ways and adopt a democratic nation. And yet the United States of America, as a democractic society, is one of the most corrupt and valueless countries that exist. If you can show me one political race that was not set up by the "so-called preceived leaders of this country," then I will apologize to everyone for what I have said. And if minorities do have a chance to win a senate seat, they had better move to Illinois.

Of course, Florida does have minority representation in the congress and at the state level. These are minorities that are cherry-picked by the "so-called perceived leaders" of this country because they are certain that none of them will stand up and rock the boat. Please don't get me wrong: I certainly understand and am sympathetic to minorities. I know that they want to hold offices and I empathize with them in recognizing that they have to do exactly what they are told to do or they will not get ahead in life. So, I can understand why they conduct themselves in the manner that they do.

But it does anger me when I read in the paper (the few times that I bother to read it) that Condelessa Rice says that she learned in Washington to always say positive things and not be critical. Well, I guess Condelessa Rice does not ever plan to run for a political office. I think that what Condelessa Rice should have said was that it depends on what position you are holding that will determine whether or not you can speak your true feelings. It makes me angry when I hear Condelessa Rice saying that she didn't need affirmative action to get her job. No, on one hand she is right: she didn't need affirmative action because she has exceptional skills and she is a very intelligent person and should be able to use those qualities to get a job. But on the other hand Condelessa Rice was wrong because she lives in the United States of America and the only way that she even got to the position that she was in was through affirmative action: There were not enough honest people living in this country who would recognize Condelessa for what she really had to offer in a job except by the force of the affirmative action system. I know that I am picking on Condi right now, so Condi please forgive m,e but I want to use you as an example of what I am talking about when it comes to minorites having to do just exactly what they are told to do or they want be able to get key jobs like Condelessa had. Condelessa Rice worked for Bush and still does. Condelessa Rice did not work for this country. But she had no choice. If she wanted to ever serve as the Secretary of State, she knew that she had better do exactly what the Bushes told her to do. It saddens me that this is the twenty-first century and forty-years after this country lost thousands of lives fighting for the rights for minorities to have equal rights and yet, for minorities, those equal rights still don't exist.

I look around me and see multiple numbers of women in political offices, hosting television shows, and holding key level executive management positions. And yet, when you turn on the television set, you will see a few minorities holding down secondary positions. I am always asking myself, "Was the sixties just about women getting all the positions?" I don't remember all these women marching in the street and fighting. But I do recall them jumping on the band wagon, after the fighting was over and saying that they were minorities too. But they didn't want to be classified as a minority (that was beneath them). Instead, they wanted to have ... they insisted that they have their own special little slot ... just for women. O.K. But I have never heard any women's organization stand up and say that we should be trying to get more minority women in key level offices. Just as the "so-called perceived leaders" of this country, the women leaders cherry pick their minorities.

I believe that Blacks are worse off than any other minority group. It is a well-known fact that the majority population looks at the Hispanic population in a much fairer way than they do Blacks. After all, speaking spanish shows how intelligent you are. In the United States Senate, you have many women and you have Hispanics. How many Blacks do you have? You have had a total of six Blacks to serve in the United States Senate, and shamefully, the senators fought to keep Senator Roland Burris out. It was the governor of Illinois that commited the crime: not Senator Roland Burris.

Three of the Blacks who have served in the United States Senate came out of Illinois, and the other three Blacks who have served, served during "racially-tensed" periods in this country. "There have been 38 women in the United States Senate since the establishment of that body in 1789. Women were first elected in number in 1992. Today, 17 of the 100 U.S. Senators are women. Thirteen of the women who have served were appointed; seven of those were appointed to succeed their deceased husbands.Representation of Hispanics is somewhat complex, particularly because of the different ways to define membership in this group. Hispanics represent over 14% of the U.S. population, while the Senate is 3% Hispanic and the House is approximately 5% (25 members) Hispanic. Considering that Hispanics make up only 4% of American voters, Hispanic political incorporation has been relatively high compared with previous immigrant groups." (Wikipedia Encyclopedia).

Some of you will call me a racist. That is fine with me, but God knows and I know that I am not a racist. But I am a minority who will speak out, who will stand up and say that this is wrong, and who will not become a puppet on a string for anybody except for God above. If ever a Black was to win the senate race in Florida, it would never be me ... I cannot be controlled except by God.
I lie in my bed at night and during the day my heart is heavy-ridden and saddened because I worry about the the youth of today and tomorrow ... the future of our youth ... especially the minority youth. I worry about what is happening to minorities, right now, who cannot find jobs. I wonder about all the minority kids that are being beat up by the police department just because they can get away with it (and don't lie to me and tell me that this is not true because it is happening). What is going to happen to these kids when there is no justice, there is no fairness, there is no honesty, there are no morals that guide the "so-called leaders" of this country? Abraham Lincoln stated that this country will be destroyed from within and not from without. His words resonate truth in the twenty-first century.

That is all that I have to say. You can print this or throw it in the trash."

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eugene Robinson: You Know, Now That I Think About It, Right-Wingers are Terrorists

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, a frequent guest on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann has another enlightening post about how the folks who are right of center are basically terrorists while on the left-- well they're all non-violent, anyway.

And of course, according to him, talkers like Limbaugh and Beck are basically telling their listeners to strap on a bomb and take out a PETA headquarters, more or less:

It is dishonest for right-wing commentators to insist on an equivalence that does not exist. The danger of political violence in this country comes overwhelmingly from one direction -- the right, not the left. The vitriolic, anti-government hate speech that is spewed on talk radio every day -- and, quite regularly, at tea party rallies -- is calibrated not to inform but to incite.

Meanwhile on Harball on MSNBC today I heard Chris Matthews implicitly compare tea partiers to the assassin of JFK. Well, at least he's.... employed.

We also just know that the left didn't smash in windows during the 2004 campaign or throw stones at cops during the RNC convention. Come to think of it, no left-wingers threatened to kill President Bush or said that someone should. Never.

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Washington Post-- John Thune 2012?

The Washington Post has an interesting piece looking at South Dakota Senator John Thune's chances of running for President in 2012. Thune is a strong conservative who picked off Democratic Minority leader Tom Daschle in the 2004 elections.

The piece also includes a strengths/weaknesses portion. In my opinion the geographic problem will likely hurt Thune. He would bring no new states to the GOP and will probably be insultingly derided as being a rural-state hayseed.

But, privately, those close to Thune acknowledge that he has been receiving considerable encouragement to run and is likely to take a hard look at a national bid. Those same sources caution, however, that he remains entirely undecided and his decision will be heavily shaped by what he hears and sees in the coming months. (They also note that Thune will keep an eye closely on South Dakota to ensure he doesn't repeat the mistakes of then Sen. George Allen in 2006.)

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Vote in Our Poll: Would You Support Mitt Romney if He Got the GOP Nomination?

If Romney won the GOP nomination for President, would you support him?

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The MSNBC Conservative - Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson's Conservative website released a misleading article on Michael Steele, the RNC and Republicans in general, leaving some members of the Conservative blogosphere scratching their heads in disbelief. Well, for those who have looked up Carlson's background with MSNBC, the truth was known, and NewsBusters said it best; "Carlson is clearly the kind of Conservative MSNBC would love".

Why should we expect anything different from his website? Well, we shouldn't. When Carlson announced the creation of the Daily Caller when he visited the Heritage Foundation last year, Carlson himself dubbed his new project "the Conservative answer to the Huffington Post", one look would confirm that: He's attacking Republicans, Conservatives, and Black Republicans from a Conservative point of view.

A better look at Carlson's background will reveal more revealing information:

  • Carlson refused to vote for President Bush in 2004.
  • Carlson opposed the War in Iraq.
  • Carlson supported Ron Paul for President in 1988 and 2008.
  • Carlson is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.
  • Carlson supports homosexual marriage.
  • Carlson cannot stand Grover Norquist.
Tucker Carlson has no business launching a Conservative news organization with his "libertarian - liberal" background, and it should be of no surprise that his website sought to mislead readers on Chairman Steele's involvement with a "topless - lesbian" hooker joint. This website is the real Conservative version of the Huffington Post, because it is nothing but complete falsehood after falsehood.

Note: When I mean the "Conservative version", I mean the Huffington Post in a Conservative skin, which is the exact same as the original Huffington Post, which is in a Liberal skin. Now, I'm confused, but I hope all of you understand.

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Interview with Daniel McAndrew, Republican Senatorial Candidate from Maryland

We here at Jumping in Pools are very proud to bring to you the 67th interview in our interview series. Today, we are honored to interview Daniel McAndrew, a Republican who is running for Maryland's open U.S. Senate seat. I'd like to personally thank Mr. McAndrew for an excellent interview:

Why are you the best choice for Maryland?

I am almost 58 years of age, and in reasonably good health. I have been an active member of a fraternity, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, since 1988. I held all the top offices as a Grand Master, Grand Patriarch, Department Commander as well as Chairman of Finance for several years after those offices. Experienced in planning budgets, monitoring costs, sitting on a board overseeing operations and maintenance of an assisted living home for almost 6 years.

I want to help do the job right, without moral or ethical problems that paint politicians in a bad light. In the current political climate in Congress, it is clear that most incumbents no longer listen to their constituents. I can do better for Maryland by listening, helping and working with my constituents, not just some of them - but staffing people to work in various counties throughout the state to perform these functions, and staying in regular contact with the staff and holding meetings with constituents.

As for working in the U.S. Senate, I would work with fellow Senators. But I will not allow those who would try to corrupt me - succeed in doing so. I expect difficulties along this line, but I have had 36 years in my engineering career so far to develop a strong spine.

How do you think your experience as an engineer will help you govern? Does it give you insight into certain things that the average politician doesn't have?

Yes, with my technical background in various technologies such as defense systems, maritime systems, computer & digital technologies I can understand most ramifications of pending and future products as well as their impact on consumer and government customers. I hope to contain costs as a result of my background, and prevent consumers from being gouged with unnecessary price increases. As it happens, this is exactly my current job function with the company that I work for right now. My math background is useful in making and understanding models to project costs and perform what-if scenarios to find the best economical answer.

If given the chance, would you try to repeal the Health Care Bill that the President and Democrats just passed?

Yes. Since its recent passage, more information is coming to light that wasn't being put forth in the news beforehand. For instance, the introduction of an additional 14 to 16,000 IRS agents that will be used to guarantee the oversight of civilians insurance coverage, monitoring their financial records and applying penalties to those who haven't purchased health insurance. Too many issues have arisen that will incur privacy problems, rising fees/costs and abuse of the system. This is just one area related to these new IRS employees to be hired. A local radio station today, with an economics guest, indicated that there are two private enterprise employees are kept from being hired per each government hire. This may add about 28 to 32,000 to the unemployment rolls.

Anecdotal evidence of doctors deciding to retire or quit their practice early may result in lack of adequate and timely care. There is already a report of pharmacies no longer going to service Medicare/Medicaid customers.

Unintended consequences due to passage of this Healthcare Bill are already starting to affect the public.

Additionally, the timeline of the full benefits of this Bill will not take effect until 2014. Well after the presidential election of 2012. It raises more concern that, until then, the public at large is going to be paying for this Bill almost four years before they will see any benefits.

It is like paying for a new car, but not allowed to obtain and use it until four years later. It is dubious that Congress cared about the financial health and well being of the public by making this timeline the way they did - by effectively keeping it secret until passage.

What fears do you have concerning ObamaCare?

Given what I have seen, read and heard concerning the evolution of the various bills in the Senate and House, I consider such a massive undertaking to be detrimental to the public on a scale never before seen in this country.

Past legislation has always brought about "unintended consequences" that always changes the costs and other effects on the public. It remains to be seen just how the national debt and deficit is going to be held according to their unbelievable projections. In the previous question/answer I mention about doctors quitting and pharmacies denying Medicare/Medicaid customers. This is just the start. Ultimately rationed care, even more so than what we may experience now, is on the horizon. This will change the perception of our current healthcare system as the best in the world to something much less.

On my website, I give some detail as to my own personal handicap due to lifesaving surgery to remove a malignant cancer from my left optic nerve near 57 years ago. I shudder to think what chances of survival might be should I, or someone like me, be born in the coming years. Would we be saved? Or would care be denied? Or would drugs be non-existent due to loss of profit incentive to the controlled drug companies? Or would insurance coverage be denied due to "pre-existing conditions"? (Yes, I know that issue is being fought right now. But at what cost? Will companies stop writing insurance policies? Go out of business? I do not see the government preventing that.)

How do you plan to help Maryland economically?

By convincing government (federal and Maryland) to grow business friendly environments. Develop economical incentives for existing and future businesses. Seek cost-effective directions to aid in those endeavors. Examine prior laws to see if they should remain and/or be improved, or eliminated - towards the goal of improving economic growth for Maryland.

Do you believe that politicians must listen to their constituents more?

Yes indeed, I express how I would address that in an answer above.

While I count on my education and career to help me in making decisions, it is vital to maintain connections with constituents as they may have insight and information that I do not have. They can help me grow as much as I can help them as well.

Anything more you would like to add?

Yes, I would. I hope that this interview serves to inform the voters what I have seen happening in the past several years and what is happening now.

It is likely they have the same concerns. I want them to know that I will work for them, work with them, talk and LISTEN to them now and into the next six years of this coming term. I will not waver in my resolve to work for Maryland and maintain proper decorum.

I am thankful for your contacting me to offer this chance to get the word out to my fellow citizens of Maryland. Here's hoping it will make a difference.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mike Lupica is an Idiot

New York Daily News sports writer has delved into the political world with a particularly insulated, poorly understood article. He's done this for years, namely rebutting President Bush's speech announcing the Iraq troop surge (why a sports writer?). In any case, you can probably tell where he's heading with just the title of his article:

Tea Party activism is not about political dissent - It's about vile, storm trooper sound bites

This is no longer about political dissent. It is about storm trooper sound bites, and hate. This isn't the kind of honest debate on which our system of government has been built. It is vile, back-alley fighting, getting worse by the day, with no end in sight. People say that opposition to all Presidents, even the most unpopular white ones, sounds like this. No, it doesn't.Stick to the sports pages, Mike.

So if you have some time and extra stress in your life, you can check out the rest of the article. That being said, you might not want to waste your time.

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More Good News: Insurance Costs Up 17% Due to Mandatory Purchasing

Some more just perfect news coming in the wake of the passage of the ObamaCare law last week. Apparently it turns out that by forcing people to purchase things they don't want from a limited pool actually increases the cost of the item. In this case, it's expected to raise health care insurance by 17% in four years when it becomes mandatory for all adults to purchase insurance.

Now, I thought that the mantra was that the law would not increase the cost of either health care or insurance. Now that it's not even fully implemented yet we're looking at an increase of 17%!? And that's just the beginning of the new regulations. Just wait until later when there are more restrictions on the health insurance industry and much higher demand.

The higher costs will pinch many people in their 20s and early 30s who are struggling to start or advance their careers at a time when the unemployment rate is at a 26-year high.

In addition, think of it this way. New York requires all drivers to have car insurance. The result? New York has some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. And if that's the case in just one of fifty states, just wait till this kicks in.

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Pat Sajak Slams 'Racist' Baiters

Pat Sajak, the host of the Wheel of Fortune has written a column in Human Events slamming those who would call opponents of ObamaCare racist:

So that’s it. It’s just a bunch of scared, white males who would yelp about anything this gang came up with. As Rich makes clear, this is merely a replay of the opposition to the Voting Rights Act of 1964. You get it? If you express opposition to the bill, you’re a racist, sexist homophobe.

Mr. Rich is shocked by the level of anger in the land, and he fears for the safety of our elected officials, much as I’m sure he did during the George W. Bush administration. He calls on Republican leaders to distance themselves from the more radical voices among them, echoing the demands I’m sure he made of the Democrats during the last campaign.

Actually, on the whole this article is pretty awesome. Glad to see Mr. Sajak being right on the money, or more likely, right on the fortune.

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South Dakota: Republican candidate within reach.

South Dakota is a well known Conservative bastion of freedom loving Republicans, but the state has a political past of electing Democrats to represent them in the United States Congress. That appears to be changing, due to the ever increasing liberal nature of Democrats running Congress and the fact that John Thune is their lone Republican representative in Washington, and South Dakota loves John Thune.

With the November elections just seven months from now, a leading Republican candidate who is expected to be the eventual nominee, is within two percentage points of the Congresswoman who has represented South Dakota for six years, despite her being a Democrat, though she is moderate when compared to Pelosi and Waxman.

Chris Nelson is well known Republican in South Dakota, as he served as the Secretary of State for several years, can win elections on a statewide basis (Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin is representing the lone congressional district in the state) and is a strong Conservative who is dedicated to the values of South Dakota, and America, without question.

According to Rasmussen Reports, Nelson is within striking distance:

A new Rasmussen Reports survey of likely South Dakota voters finds Herseth Sandlin with 44% to Republican Chris Nelson’s 42%. Six percent (6%) prefer another candidate, and nine percent (9%) are undecided.

That's excellent news for National Republicans, as we need to capture 40 Democrat controlled seats to recapture the House of Representatives, and this definite Republican seat, needs to be retained once and for all, and Chris Nelson, who is a devout Conservative, is the one who can do it for all of us.

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Interview With Republican Senatorial Candidate Kim Hendren of Arkansas

Jumping in Pools is extremely pleased to bring you the 66th interview in our interview series. Today, Senatorial Candidate Kim Hendren answered questions for the site. Mr. Hendren is running in the state of Arkansas; he has taught, has been a successful business man, and graduated from the University of Arkansas. We here at JiP would like to thank Mr. Hendren for his participation:

What makes you the best candidate for Arkansas?

My age, 72, and good health (typically, my day is from 5:30am to 11pm, 7 days a week, including two or three church services every Sunday, one at a local nursing home); Experience in speaking up for those who elect me to represent them (Gravette City Council, Gravette School Board, Arkansas House of Representatives, and Arkansas Senate, twice - the first time as a conservative democrat 1979 - was a conservative democrat opponent of Bill Clinton in the democratic primary for governor in 1982 - as history shows, Bill and Hillary won!) The founders were citizen legislators - that's what I am and have always been - check the records of all eight of us - including the financial disclosures of the three of us who have served in the Arkansas Legislature. I have a minor league record in politics, business, farming, and public service!

You have a very excellent career in the working sector, you are a successful business man, you were a former teacher, and you graduated from the University of Arkansas. How would these notable qualifications help you as a United States Senator?

I have often said, "It helps to practice what you teach BEFORE you teach it to others!" I understand the impact of government on all areas of our society since I have been, and still am, active in all these areas. And I speak up as well as vote (without checking which way the wind is blowing!)

As a public servant, what has been your proudest moment?

So many, helping save the Decatur Schools, the Gravette Hospital, supporting the 13,000 acre Hobbs Estate Property, helping create the Northwest Arkansas Conservation Authority (a waste treatment plant to serve all NW Arkansas, over 500,000 people and protect our beautiful Ozarks) - but perhaps the best was being the state senator who helped create Northwest Arkansas Community College which now serves over 8,000 young people who are our future! I have attached a couple of photos.

What plans do you have to help Arkansas economically?

First, our family is creating jobs (plastics company, tool and die shop, car dealerships (being reinstated as Chevrolet dealer), radio station, and realty company! I will support a do-over of the health care bill with one that includes things I have worked on in the Arkansas Senate (tort reform, insurance competition, increasing number of doctors and nurses with additional educational facilities). I will support helping our community banks to make loans to small business people, I will support efforts that move people into productive work!

What are your feelings on the newly passed Health Care Bill? If elected, would you work to overturn it?

Yes, see the last answer.

Arkansas is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. What is your favorite aspect of Arkansas?

Yes it is! I am so blessed that my great grandfather, Captain William Hicks Hendren who was a school teacher and fought in the Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge, moved his family to Gravette, AR in 1858! I was born on the bank of Spavinaw Creek just south east of Gravette and still live only 3 miles from that starting point. The Ozarks are beautiful all year round and here in NW Arkansas we can share flavor of the hills of SW Missouri, including Branson, and the western culture of NE Oklahoma (which was Oklahoma Territory when Capt. Hendren chose to settle here). So, you see, I do like to brag!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for asking! This election is VERY IMPORTANT! I pray that this US Senator is selected on the things that matter most to the common people - not insiders, big business, big labor, lobbyists, and money from outside our state of Arkansas. Your efforts in helping folks know us better is a step in that direction!

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Responding to opponents of McCain.

I support Senator John McCain's bid for the Republican nomination in August, and I will support his general election bid for reelection against all members of all parties. Being a Conservative and supporting John McCain is considered high treason by some, but I disagree with that, and I will not stop supporting the good Senator. However, I will respond to the opponents of John McCain with the facts.

Hayworth Supporter -

I AM a registered AZ voter, and I WILL vote for Hayworth. Mccain-Feingold, Mccain-Kennedy shamnesty, gang of 14, and before that the Keating scandal. Why wouldn't we want a true conservative? When you add in that his wife and daughter have lobbied for homosexual "marriage," that seals the deal!

The responses of a true Conservative:

  • McCain-Feingold was ruled unconstitutional in the Supreme Court, the law is no longer in place. We're talking about the current issues of the hour, of which McCain has been spectacular in.
  • McCain-Kennedy never passed. So what's the problem? Congressman Pence also supported the ill-fated legislation, does that hurt him as well, or just those that you oppose?
  • The "gang of 14" resulted in Justice Samuel Alito being confirmed without problem to the Supreme Court, and prevented Republicans from looking foolish when the current health care debate on the Reconciliation option was ongoing, allowing McCain to remain consistent the entire time.
  • The Keating Scandal? McCain was cleared on those charges. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal? Goodness!
  • His Wife and Daughter support homosexual marriage, so that taints McCain how? Isn't he the one who votes on legislation, and not his Wife or Daughter.....that's what I thought.
I disagree with McCain on several important issues, but I hold true to the Ronald Reagan basis of political friends and foes - "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor." - according to the ACU, Senator John McCain has voted Conservative close to 81-82% of the time. Well within Reagan's definition of who our friends are.

Could we also look at what Senator McCain has done well?

  • Opposed Stimulus Package without question.
  • Opposed Health-Care takeover without hesitation.
  • Supports Conservative nominees for the Courts.
  • Opposes Roe V. Wade like none other.
  • Supports the Second Amendment.
  • Opposes Government Interference in the Internet.
  • Has fought against pork barrel spending for decades.
  • Won the Iraqi War via his constant calls for a "Surge".
Senator McCain is a man of great courage, who has represented our cause well, and deserves six more years in Washington.

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Interview with RS McCain of The Other McCain.

I've been a fan of The Other McCain since 2008, and I have long admired his blogger antics, love for Nation, and his occasional outbursts of Conservative craziness. He represents the grassroots of the blogosphere, as he depends on generous Americans instead of demanding bosses. This is one Interview I have been waiting for months to do, and now that it is done, I hope that all of you enjoy it. This is number 65 in our interview series. Our next interview is with an Arkansas Senatorial Candidate.

Q. Mr. McCain, ever since you arrived into the political blogosphere, your mannerisms, rules and travels have transformed the blogosphere, so to speak, what is the method to your madness?

A. Trial and error – and fun. I spent 22 years in the newspaper business, where I was hemmed in by other people’s rules and subject to firing if I pissed off the boss too bad. When I started blogging full-time in March 2008, the absence of rules and bosses was kind of confusing at first. So I just did whatever seemed interesting or fun.

Of course, the reader is the whole point of writing. There’s no point writing if nobody’s reading, and the idea of growing readership – what I call the insane scheme to take over the entire blogosphere – soon became a kind of game: How can I get more readers today than I had yesterday?

So that’s where The Rules ("How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog

") came from. It’s kind of a humorous synopsis of some of the Stupid Blogger Tricks I used to build traffic. Trying to make it fun is a big part of it. There are lots of serious commentators out there, and I also do serious stuff, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and I think it’s important that conservatives try to break the whole "uptight no-fun-allowed" image that the Left wants to put on us.

One of my favorite movie scenes is in Animal House, where Boon and Otter are playing golf. Boon says, "I gotta work on my game," and Otter says, "No, no, no. Don’t think of it as work. The whole point is just to enjoy yourself." There’s a profound philosophical truth in that.

Q. Mr. McCain, how would you describe your political foundations, such as your economic, social and national defense leanings?

A. To begin with, I’m an ex-Democrat. As far as I’m concerned, anything that is good for the Democratic Party is bad for America, and vice versa. That’s the only good thing about Obama’s presidency, that he has been an unmixed disaster for Democrats. The big question is whether his destruction of the Democratic Party will be speedy enough to save America, or whether he’ll destroy America first.

In economics, I’m an Austrian – Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. That goes back to the mid-1990s, when an editor of mine in Georgia, Tommy Toles, used to give me his back issues of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, a monthly publication of the Foundation for Economic Education, which is heavily influenced by the Austrian School. The basic point was made by Mises in 1922: Socialism, in whatever form it may assume, simply doesn’t work. However much liberals want it to work – to improve or reform society, to create more equality and "social justice" – their economic agenda simply can’t overcome the basic facts.

As far as social policy, I’m a Burkean, in that I am profoundly skeptical of radical notions of moral and political "progress." Edmund Burke, in rebuking a friend who supported the French Revolution, wrote: "We know that we have made no discoveries, and we think that no discoveries are to be made, in morality; nor many in the great principles of government, nor in the ideas of liberty, which were understood long before we were born, altogether as well as they will be after the grave has heaped its mould upon our presumption, and the silent tomb shall have imposed its law on our pert loquacity." Mega-dittoes.

My views on national defense are very simple: Don’t lose wars. The decision of whether to go to war is very important, and I’m all in favor of healthy debate until the first shot is fired. Then the debate is over, and the only acceptable peace is victory. I actually disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq but, because I was then employed as a news editor at The Washington Times, didn’t have a chance to express my criticism of the Bush administration’s case for war. (That’s the "rules and bosses" thing.) However, once the shooting started, my argument was the same as for any war, "If you’re in it, win it." Every time I’d see those stupid "peace" protesters, I’d say, "Where’s the Ohio National Guard now that we really need them?" Any way you look at it, war is a very bad thing, but losing a war is worse.

Q. Mr. McCain, how does one become a successful political blogger?

A. Link me more often! OK, that’s half-joking, but only half. People have to understand that the blogosphere isn’t about just spouting your own opinion. Blogging is inherently a collaborative enterprise. "No blog is an island," as I like to say. By linking other blogs, you’re giving the reader a chance to get news and opinions from a variety of sources. That’s why, whenever I’m blogging about a big story that lots of other people are covering – like the health-care debate – I try to update with a list of links to the other blogs that are on the same story.

Not every blogger can be Michelle Malkin or Instapundit, but everybody can do linkage – "aggregation," as it is called. Even if your average readership is less than 100 a day, try to give those readers a variety, a blog buffet. Sure, you want to link major news stories and give your own opinion, but by including links to other blogs, you help your readers develop a wider selection of sources.

Something else: Try to find a niche or two, where you have some specific experience or knowledge, and serve that niche. Everybody wants to do "big picture" commentary and address major national issues, the stuff that’s on Fox News, and that’s OK. But sometimes the most important thing a smaller blogger can do is to dig down on a story where nobody else is really paying attention and own that story. That’s especially true if it’s a local story, where you have direct access that people outside your community don’t have. For example, in the upcoming mid-term election, reporting on candidates and campaigns in your own state or district has more "reader value" than pontificating about some national issue that a zillion other bloggers are already pontification about.

Another thing: Try to build relationships. In the wired world of "virtual" relationships, there is still no substitute for direct human contact. If you actually get to know other bloggers personally, that makes a difference. That’s why I think all conservative bloggers should make it a point to attend CPAC every year if they can – that’s the one chance we have for everybody to get together and hang out.

Finally: Stick to it. It’s easy to become discouraged when traffic sucks and it seems like there is no point. That’s what I call the "Zero Hour," and it happens to everybody. (I’ve been surprised to learn that even successful bloggers sometimes get that what’s-the-point feeling.) But if you keep at it, day after day, and try to steadily improve the quality of your work – not just the written content, but the design, the blogroll, etc. – eventually you can build something important. Sometimes survival is victory, and as long as you don’t quit, you’re a winner. Think in terms of the long haul, blog regularly, and remember that every reader you reach is important.

Q. Mr.McCain, as the father of several homeschooled children, what is your advice to parents that are considering an alternative to public schooling?

A. Just do it. Parents have to understand that the problems of public schools are not temporary, isolated and episodic, they are chronic, pervasive and systemic. Whatever you have to sacrifice in order to save your children from the menace of the government school bureaucracy, that sacrifice is worth it.

One day in 1997 my wife said to me, "I’m tired of working all the time just to pay someone else to raise my kids. You get a job where I can afford to stay home." And I did. We moved to Washington and spent the next seven years living in a three-bedroom apartment. We had one car – we still only have one car – and I took the bus to my job at The Washington Times. Then in 2004, when our daughter wanted to go to high school at a Christian academy, we moved to Hagerstown, and I spent the next three-and-a-half years commuting 750 miles a week round-trip to D.C. until I finally quit in January 2008. So far, the combination of freelance journalism, blogging and Internet consulting hasn’t added up to half of what I made at my old job, but we’re slowly getting there.

Our oldest daughter, who was 7 when we started, is now a junior in college, an honor student paying her own way through. Our boys, who were 4, are now 17-year-old juniors at Christian schools, and we’ve added three more children since 1997. All of that, you see, started with my wife’s ultimatum. We’re not rich. We’re not even middle class, in terms of per-capita income. But we’re raising our own kids, and that’s what counts.

Government schools are just another form of welfare slavery. Stop sending your kids to those liberal indoctrination camps. However crappy a job you think you might do as a home-schooler, you could hardly do a worse job than the overpaid government bureaucrats at your local public school.


Q. Mr.McCain, you are a well known supporter of the former Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr, being such, who do you like for President in 2012, and can a Republican receive your vote?

A. I’m actually not all that picky about Republican candidates, it’s just that I could not in good conscience vote for John McCain. If nothing else, the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law was a direct assault on the First Amendment. Let’s not even get started on his push for amnesty in 2006 and 2007. Like a lot of other conservatives, I wasn’t really pleased with the field of GOP presidential candidates in 2008. I started off as kind of a Fredhead, supporting Fred Thompson, and when that fizzled out, I was for Mitt Romney as the last, best hope for stopping Crazy Cousin John. The day that Mitt quit – Feb. 7, 2008 – I swore a vow that I would vote Libertarian in November, and I have no regrets and no apologies about that.

I’ve been very impressed with Mike Pence. He’s kind of a squish on immigration – compared to me, just about everybody’s a squish on immigration – but other than that, he’s solid and he’s an excellent public speaker. Mitt’s still OK, despite all the criticisms of his record, and of course, I like Sarah Palin.

The two candidates I absolutely could not support are Mike Huckabee – he lost me when he started using class-warfare rhetoric in the 2008 campaign – and Jeb Bush. We’ve already had two too many presidents from that family, who are like a curse to conservatives. "No More Bushes!"

Q. Mr. McCain, what is the best part of being an "investigative blogger/journalist"?

A. Road trips. The one thing I’m most grateful for is that readers have hit the tip jar to help me make trips during the past few months to Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and California.

When I started out in journalism, I was always an "on-the-scene" guy, whether I was doing news, features or sports. I like going out and meeting new people and seeing things for myself. When I was at The Washington Times, it was basically a desk job and I didn’t get very many chances to go out and do that kind of on-the-scene reporting. So when I started the "Shoe Leather Fund" in 2009, to pay for my trips down to D.C. to report on the inspectors general story, I was pleasantly surprised by how many readers responded by hitting the tip jar.

The American Spectator pays me for my stories, and they’ve covered some of my travel expenses, and yet somehow it never seems to add up to the break-even point compared to the actual cost of going out on the road. I joke about submitting "The Mother of Expense Reports," but it really is kind of a hassle to collect up a bunch of receipts, fill out the forms and then cross your fingers while you wait to see how much they’ll pay you back. Then, of course, there’s the problem of paying the regular bills here at the house. Mrs. Other McCain is supportive of my career, but she’s not so supportive when the bill collectors start threatening to cut off our utilities and repossess the car.

The Shoe Leather Fund enables readers to act as the assignment desk for the blog. If I say, "Hey, I want to go cover this story," it’s really up to the readers whether I make the trip or not. This is reader-supported journalism in its purest form and I’m amazed it’s been so successful. (I’m way behind on my thank-you notes.)

The ultimate test was when Dan Collins of Piece of Work in Progress double-dog dared me to do a tip-jar fundraiser for my trip to cover the Alabama Crimson Tide at the BCS football championship in Pasadena. That was completely crazy, but it worked, and then right after that the readers sent me to Massachusetts to cover Scott Brown. And then, in February, we were able to get them to hit Da Tech Guy’s tip jar so he could afford to come to CPAC.

What it goes to show, I think, is that there is a real demand for reporting that people can trust, unlike the biased crap we get from the MSM. And it’s sure been a lot of fun. Roll Tide!


Q. Mr.McCain, what is the key to your professional success as a blogger, what is that one element of luck or surprise, faith, etc. that provides your ultimate success?

A. Thanks for mentioning faith. I am a poor excuse for a Christian, but I really do have a deep faith in God, and I try to be grateful for his blessings, most especially including Mrs. Other McCain. We’ve been together more than 20 years, and there were many times when she would have been entirely justified in dumping me. But she’s stuck by me, "for better or for worse," and I certainly couldn’t have found a better wife. She’s got the practical common sense to balance out my craziness, and we have our fights – "California? You’re flying off to California and leaving me here in a snowstorm with all these kids?" – but the kiss-and-make-up part is still kinda cool.

Mrs. Other McCain says when she first met me, she knew I was going to "be somebody" one day. And to the extent that I’ve become "somebody," I credit God’s promise in Proverbs 22:29: "Seest thou a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before kings." Years ago, I claimed that promise. I’m naturally lazy, but I determined to work hard at being a writer, and God has so far been very good to me. I haven’t literally stood before any kings yet, but I’ve interviewed governors and congressmen and senators and, if only 60 million more Americans had joined me in voting for Bob Barr, I would now be ambassador to some sunny tropical island nation in the Caribbean. Maybe next time . . .


Q. Mr.McCain, how did Smitty become your "blogger yin to your blogger yang"?

A. That’s a very long story. Smitty was one of the earliest and most frequent commenters at The Other McCain, and I had no idea who he was. I didn’t realize he lived in the D.C. area until he said he’d meet me at a film festival in Arlington. After that, we hung out a little at CPAC 2009. Then there was a Heritage Foundation event and I said, "Hey, if you want to write this up, I’ll give you a log-in." So he did a good job with that, and I said, "Fire away."

Smitty’s second post compared Obama to the H.P. Lovecraft monster Cthulhu. Turns out that Glenn Reynolds is a Lovecraft fan, and Smitty got the Instalanche. Dude. ’Lanched on your second post? That’s some awesome blog-fu, and we have been inseparable (and, perhaps, insufferable) ever since.

Smitty says I remind him of someone he once got in a lot of trouble with, and you can see the complementarity factor here. Smitty is everything I’m not: Sensible, responsible and capable of tying a bow-tie. He has a delight for fiendish wordplay, as evidenced by his several satirical plays. His taste for bad heavy metal music, however, is utterly inexplicable.

Much to Mrs. Smith’s dismay, he has spent the past year doing all this bloggerly voodoo for free, which is something we’re trying to rectify by adjustments to our Underpants Gnome business model. Smitty is an ace with all the advanced geekology at which I’m so horribly deficient, as shown by our (relatively) smooth changeover from Blogspot to WordPress. He could certainly hire himself out on a consultant basis for anyone who wants to set up a Web site, and my greatest fear is that Charles Johnson will lure Smitty away with a lucrative contract based on LGF calendar commission sales, plus the chance for a cameo in the next Chuckie-as-Hitler-in-the-bunker video

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The ultimate blogger superhero - Michelle Malkin.

Being a Conservative blogger who makes close to $100.00 dollars on a six month cycle, at the best of times, reading fellow political bloggers who make a living off of writing political diaries, is pure inspiration. With that in mind, Michelle Malkin is the ultimate blogger superhero who should inspire all potential for-profit blogs and bloggers.

There are a slew of political bloggers that could and should be looked up to, but Ms.Malkin has the element of being a Mother, of being the most hated member of all political bloggers, without a doubt, and she has a certain talent for pissing off both Republicans and Democrats without a second to think it over, which I should also remind all Conservatives - just because you agree with Ms.Malkin, doesn't mean she will defend or like you.

Blogging is tough work, and sometimes it doesn't matter whether your material is good or not, if 500 readers are visiting your website on a regular basis, you're about 9,500 from achieving the status of a successful blogger, which leads to countless emails to Conservative bloggers begging for a link. I've done it before, and I am ashamed of myself.

Sometimes it does matter, such as in the case of Michelle Malkin, The Other McCain, Ace of Spades, Dan Riehl, Charles Johnson, and countless other political bloggers who have risen to prominence and financial success through extensive writing and linking. Some, such as Glenn Reynolds, are well known for 50 word articles.

Like I said before, blogging is tough work, which is another reason just a few Conservatives have capitalized on the Internet market to the extent that Michelle Malkin, but I also realize that most of these successful bloggers have outside income, such as teaching, writing books, writing articles, etc.

For all of those who are interested in joining the Conservative blogosphere, welcome aboard. To all of those who are interested in making a few bucks while blogging, I would suggest reading up on Michelle Malkin and her successes as a political blogger, writer, and author.

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BREAKING: Suicide Bombers Strike Russia

From FoxNews:

MOSCOW -- Two female homicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow's subway system as it was jam-packed with rush-hour passengers Monday, killing at least 35 people and wounding more than 30, the city's mayor and other officials said.

Emergency Ministry spokeswoman Svetlana Chumikova said 23 people were killed at the Lubyanka station in central Moscow. The station is underneath the building that houses the main offices of the Federal Security Service, or FSB, the KGB's main successor agency.

A second explosion hit the Park Kultury station about 45 minutes later. Chumikova said at least 12 were dead there.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said both explosions were believed to have been set off by female suicide bombers as the trains entered the stations. In the first case, officials said the explosion was on the train; there was no immediate information on the location of the second blast.

"The first data that the FSB has given us is that there were two female suicide bombers," Luzhkov told reporters at the Park Kultury site.

Russia's top investigative body also said terrorism was suspected.

The last confirmed terrorist attack in Moscow was in August 2004, when a suicide bomber blew herself up outside a city subway station, killing 10 people.

Responsibility for that blast was claimed by Chechen rebels and suspicion in Monday's explosions is likely to focus on them and other separatist groups in the restive North Caucasus region.

The Moscow subway system is one of the world's busiest, carrying around 7 million passengers on an average workday, and is a key element in running the sprawling and traffic-choked city.

The blasts practically paralyzed movement in the city center as emergency vehicles sped to the stations. Helicopters hovered over the Park Kultury station area, which is near the renowned Gorky Park.

Passengers, many of them in tears, streamed out of the station, one man exclaiming over and over "This is how we live!"

At least a dozen ambulances were on the scene.

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