Friday, April 30, 2010

Should Jumping in Pools Draw a Picture of Mohammed?

HotAir has announced May 20th as the official "Draw Mohammed Day."  This is in response to South Park being censored, and as a general symbolic use of our First Amendment rights.  Now I ask the question, should we join the movement?

Where I sit, I honestly am not sure what to do.  No one likes their religion being mocked, and it is probably offensive to Muslims that have nothing to do with terrorists.  I don't want to insult people that have nothing to do with violence, death threats, or censorship.

But then again, as Americans, we have the right to say and do whatever we want so long as it doesn't present a clear and present danger, i.e. screaming "fire" in a crowded room or causing a riot.  People have portrayed Jesus, Buddha, and every other deity a thousand different ways, but we are not allowed to even draw Mohammed?  Mohammed isn't even divine, but rather a prophet.

So what should we do?  I'm sure Mr. K has an opinion on this.  But please note, we might go against or with the opinions of you all, so don't get all in our grill if we don't do what you want.

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GOP Leads in Murtha Seat Polls

The Hill is reporting that the GOP has taken the lead in two polls entering the final three weeks before the special election to fill former Congressman John Murtha's seat in Pennsylvania. According to Research 2000, which conducted the poll for the Daily Kos, Republican Tim Burns leads Democrat Mark Critz by six points. And the situation seems to be improving:

The Research 2000 poll for the liberal website Daily Kos has businessman Tim Burns (R) leading former Murtha aide Mark Critz 46-40. It's the biggest lead yet for Burns, who edged Critz 44-41 in a recent Public Policy Polling (D)survey.

President Obama's approval rating stands at a paltry 38% in the district while his disapproval is at 55%. The election in on Tuesday, May 18th-- the same day as some important Pennsylvania primaries.

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Castle Up 23% in Delaware

Current Congressman at large from Delaware, Mike Castle, is currently well ahead in the Senate race to succeed the former seat of Vice President Joe Biden. Castle, the former governor of the state, is leading Democrat Chris Coons. Not only is Castle leading, the deficit has grown by two percent.

The results:

Castle 55 (+2 vs. last poll, 2/22)
Coons 32 (unch)
Und 7 (-1)

So it looks like the GOP will pick up a seat held by the Dems for 30 years in a fairly blue state. Keep it coming.

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Buy Arizona!

Liberals, Major League Baseball, Hispanics, some Republicans, and almost all Democrats, along with a local Congressman are calling for the boycott of Arizona! Why? Well, Arizona wants to enforce the law that the federal government neglects to: That being an illegal alien, is in fact illegal.

It's being reported that some are pushing Major League Baseball to throw out all consideration for Arizona to host the 2011 All-Star game next season! Enforcing the law could cost your state some serious dough, but Conservatives need to fight back: We cannot allow illegal alien allies to financially destroy a state for enforcing the law.

As such, I am calling on Conservatives to visit/vacation in Arizona, purchase products from the state, support the Arizona Diamondbacks through ticket sales and memorabilia purchases, and please support Republican candidates in Arizona: Whether it be John McCain or JD Hayworth, Conservatives need to fight back against this boycott.

Glenn Beck, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe Lieberman don't need our help, all of them are financially and politically secure against liberal boycotting losers, but Arizona is fighting against economic threats during a economic recession, if thousands of potential travelers are repelled from visiting for political reasons or even fear, that's another Las Vegas situation all over again.

Buy Arizona! If we don't step up for those who do the right thing, than no one will do the right thing out of fear. We must support Arizona against idiotic, insane and downright stupid liberal boycotts, we must buy Arizona, and do it quickly.

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The Fox News of the Blogosphere.

Call me prejudiced, but I believe Jumping in Pools is the Fox News of the Blogosphere. I don't drink alcohol or smoke illegal substances (or legal ones, to be honest), so I am writing this as a 100% sane individual who is looking at this argument from a objective standpoint: Without a blog such as Jumping in Pools, 700 Conservatives per day would be adrift in a blogosphere of unknowns.

Maybe I have lost it, but Jumping in Pools was one of the first blogs to support Doug Hoffman, Scott Brown, Charles Djou, and we're on the ball, when others are not: Our leading example is the Tea Party Express endorsing Walt Minnick, some were blinded by Tea Party protests, but we were shocked by the news, and felt a need to alarm the citizens of America as to the idiotic endorsement of Walt Minnick, a Pelosi Democrat.

We don't have a Bill O'Reilly, but we do have a Matthew Avitabile. We don't have a Neil Cavuto, but we have a Michael Avitabile. We don't have a Glenn Beck, but we have me. We don't have a dumb, yet lovable Democrat, but we do have Joe C, who is quite intelligent, when he wants to be.

It's true that our profits would force a local Deli out of business, and perhaps a neighborhood kid mowing lawns or shoveling snow, and maybe even a cheap prostitute, and even some workers at McDonald's, but we love blogging, we love Conservatism, and we love America, and if that's good enough for us, it's good enough for all of our readers as well.

Readers will come and go, must will go, but we'll be right here: Writing, blogging, whoring, and doing everything else under the sun to bring readers in. We (at least I think all of us can agree) hope that if you like Jumping in Pools, you'll continue to visit. If you like our content, please drop a comment in support or even of opposition.

God Bless America and long live The Fox News of the Blogosphere! (Or in other words, Jumping in Pools.)

PS - In response to Reaganite Republican: We don't have any hot blonde chicks, but we do expose liberals for the silicon boobs they are.

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Kirk Up 8% in Illinois

Rasmussen polling conducted after Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias's family's bank was seized on corruption suspicions sees Republican Mark Kirk in the lead. Kirk was in the lead in the last poll, but now sees his support jump a net four percent. Kirk is approaching 50%, which could potentially sink Giannoulias in the bid to retain the former seat of President Obama.

Kirk 46 (+5 vs. last poll, April 9)
Giannoulias 38 (+1)
Und 11

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LeMieux Backs Rubio

Some stunning news today after the Governor's announcement yesterday. Flordia's Senator George LeMieux, who was appointed by Crist last year after the retirement of Mel Martinez, is backing Marco Rubio for Senate. LeMieux is a political acolyte of the governor and is only serving out the remainder of the term. Crist named him as Senator after speculation that Crist might appoint himself.

“I am saddened that my friend, Governor Crist, has decided to leave the Republican Party. Our friendship runs deep, but my commitment to the principles of the Republican Party runs deeper. I cannot walk down the path he has chosen.

Poor, poor Charlie.

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Absolutely Horrible Story of the Day

Just a warning-- this is a full on barf alert. I'm going to mainly excerpt here because I think that this is beyond mortal explanation.

When Phil phoned Pearl, the pair admits they were both rather nervous. Pearl told Phil about being forced to give up Lynette for adoption, and Phil told Pearl about his mum dying of cancer.

'We both cried but kept talking for three hours,' she says. 'When he emailed me a photo, I thought what a handsome and sexy man he was before pinching myself – he was my grandson!'

Confused, Pearl talked to a friend, who told her about an article she'd read on Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), which occurs when close relatives meet as adults and are attracted to each other.

'I could now understand my feelings and realise they weren't wrong,' Pearl says.

In 2006, Phil met his grandmother for the first time.

'From the first moment that I saw him, I knew we would never have a grandmother-grandson relationship,' Pearl remembers happily. 'For the first time in years I felt sexually alive.'

Phil admits that he had the same feelings towards Pearl.

'I wanted to kiss her there and then,' he says. 'My feelings were overwhelming.'

The pair spent the first week shopping, bowling and eating out. During the second week, giggly on wine after a night out, Pearl decided she wasn't going to deny her feelings anymore.


'Making love to Pearl was a real eye-opener. It was love combined with all this sexual tension that had been building up,' Phil openly explains.

Phil, a carpenter, agreed to live with Pearl and get a job with a local building firm.

'Living with Phil as my life partner has been amazing. He cooks and cleans and we make love three times a week. We can't keep our hands off each other.'

Twelve months ago, Phil made the shocking admission that he wanted a child. Pearl told him she was desperate for a baby as well, but it was one wish that she couldn't fulfil as she'd already gone through menopause.

The determined pair then decided to use Pearl's retirement money to find a surrogate mother and buy a donor egg to inseminate with Phil's sperm. They placed an ad asking for an open-minded surrogate, and Roxanne Campbell applied. The three met up a few times and hit it off.


Economy Grows 3.2% in 1st Quarter

Some news about the economy today. The first quarter GDP average has gained a healthy 3.2% in 2010. That being said, it is below both the estimate and the growth from last quarter. In fact, this is a sharp decline from the 5.6% increase in the fourth quarter of 2009. This news represents the third consecutive quarter of growth after four consecutive shrinking quarters. Estimates for growth for this quarter were actually at 3.5%-- meaning that actual growth was almost 10% lower than expected.

Indeed, Friday's report from the Commerce Department confirms that the economy is expanding at a rate only a bit above its long-term trend -- economists generally think that the nation's economy can grow at 2.5 to 3 percent in the long run thanks to population growth and rising productivity.

Considering the economy contracted over 6% in the first quarter that President Obama took office, we still have a long way to go. We have significant time left before we even come even to the economic state we were in before the recession hit. Don't be surprised if we see a lot of glad-handing over this.

Our Favorite Blogs: Pirate's Cove

This article is the third in a scheduled eight-part series. We here at Jumping in Pools love our fellow blogs out there on internet-land, so here is something to give back.

One of our favorite blogs: Pirate's Cove

Why they're cool: Pirate's Cove is in-your-face unabashedly conservative, and that's a good thing. Take a minute and look at the right side of their blog and you'll see patriotic pictures and sayings. Here's a mash up of them:
Pirate's Cove Tells Us About Themselves

What is your site's goal for the next year?

I'd like to grow my stats to about 1,500-2,000 per day, per
Sitemeter, but, more importantly, I'd like to ramp up the commenting
by visitors.

What makes your site unique?
That's a toughy, since so many of us cover so much of the same
stories. Perhaps the one big difference is my Sunday Patriot Pinup
post, which I do without fail, along with using pinups for special
occasions, which has spawned some other types of posts at other
sites, such as The Other McCain's Rule Five Sunday. It's probably
one of the longest running features within the blogosphere.

Also, very few blogs still have any sort of pirate theme, though, I
generally avoid the pirate talk. It gets rather difficult to type in that
manner :)
When did you found your site?

Back in July 2004. Started out on Lycos, moved quickly to Typepad,
then finally moved to hosted Wordpress for the extra capabilities.

Anything else you would like to add?

One of the things I have always enjoyed about the conservative
blogosphere is how much fun we have along with the serious posts.
That is just something we do not find in the left-o-sphere. Life has
to be fun!

Here's a screenshot of Pirate's Cove:
So go there and enjoy the conservatism. Read, repeat, and comment on their articles!

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LeBron James Wins Second MVP

In the following days, a source states that LeBron James has won this year's Most Valuable Player award in the NBA.  This is the second MVP for James, with his first coming just last year.  As a Knicks fan, hopefully after the season LeBron can bring those trophies over here to New York.

Go ahead, laugh, I admitted that I am a Knicks fan.

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Magic 8 Ball the Movie?

It appears that Paramount may be the next big business in need of a government bailout. According to plans, Paramount wants to create a movie based on Mattel's Magic 8 ball. You know, the one that says "outlook not so good" or "signs point to no." Maybe they should take the advice.

Paramount has extended its business with Mattel, optioning the venerable Magic 8 Ball to use as the basis for a live action adventure film. The deal is being put in place by Paramount Motion Picture Group president Adam Goodman, and will be produced by Brad Weston through his overall deal on the Par lot.

Man, that sounds really awful.

Letter to the citizens of Hawaii.

To the citizens of Hawaii's first congressional district:


I must first admit something: I am not a citizen of Hawaii, I have never visited Hawaii, and I have no relations in Hawaii, but I am a fellow American citizen who has been following your special election with great interest. Your special election will not only impact Hawaii's political foundations, but it could shake up the entire United States House of Representatives.

When it was first announced that Congressman Abercrombie was stepping down, I was optimistic and hopeful for whomever the eventual Republican nominee would be. But, when I read into the political record of Councilman Djou, he won me over on a silver platter, because this man is not just a fine Republican, but he's also a fine Representative.

Whether it be in the Hawaii House of Representatives or the Honolulu City Council; Charles Djou has fought for his fellow citizens. Mr.Djou has fought political and social corruption, something he feels very strongly about. Mr.Djou would also be someone quite unique in America's Democratic controlled Congress - an Independent thinker.

Charles Djou doesn't pander for votes, he has remained committed to his principles and values through out this entire election. Such as his firm commitment to traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Unlike his two opponents, who both accept the homosexual notion of marriage in one way or another.

With all of the above in mind: I ask that the citizens of Hawaii, who will soon receive their mail-in-ballots, vote for Charles Djou, a man of the Hawaiian people. He will stand strong in Congress for our common values, and he will legislate as an Independent thinker, who will fight for a better and stronger Hawaii and America.

- A Concerned Conservative.

Please support Djou at -

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take a Stab at the Ushanka Cuss Jar Contest

To all of our readers, you're invited to take a shot at guessing the amount of money in the Ushanka Cuss Jar. The May Day contest is now open-- take a look at the picture and see if you can closest guess the dollars and cents in there.

SondraK and one of her bloggers won last year.  SondraK donated her hat to one of her site visitors, which was clearly an act of buying one's loyalty...

Some hints: The jar is 10 inches tall, and 7 inches in diameter.

The jar only contains $1 bills. All were placed flat in the jar at the time of the indiscretion. You can see the $124 stack at the bottom of the jar from
our first contest on July 4, 2009.

Check it out and give it your best shot!

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The District, Puerto Rico, and Felons, oh my.

The debate over Puerto Rico is heating up; as the United States House of Representatives passed the Puerto Rico Democracy Act this evening, advancing the legislation to the United States Senate, where passage is less certain. I support Puerto Rico becoming our 51st State, but several parts of the proposed legislation I just cannot support, and thus I oppose it as written.

Some are calling this a "voting scheme" by Democrat Representatives to guarantee their power for decades upon decades. It's true that Democrats are pushing hard for the District of Columbia to receive "state like" congressional voting rights, which is unconstitutional, and that Democrats want felons to vote, but Puerto Rico is a different situation altogether.

Puerto Rico would actually represent an unprecedented expansion for Republicans. Just to make sure those who read this article understand: The admission of Puerto Rico as our 51st State would help Congressional Republicans, not Congressional Democrats. Call me crazy, but Puerto Rico is a well known bastion of social conservatism, and their popular Governor is a union fighting Republican.

Let us straighten a few things out:

1. Puerto Rico should become our 51st State. Period.

2. Puerto Rico is not a Democratic controlled Commonwealth.

3. Puerto Rico does pay some federal taxes.

4. Puerto Rico would become our third bilingual State.

What would it take for me to support this legislation?

1. Constitutional Convention over Plebiscites.

2. Only citizens vote for Representatives to Convention.

3. Puerto Rico's decision must be approved by Congress.

I have deep respect for the citizens of Puerto Rico who want statehood, I can appreciate that, and for the politicians who want statehood as well, including the Conservative New Progressive Party. However, the current legislation is unacceptable and it will subvert Democracy, as in the words of Congressman McClintock.

I also want to remind Conservatives who oppose Puerto Rico Statehood on several false and insulting grounds, that Puerto Rico will represent a massive bastion of new Republican voters who will be searching for a pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-school choice, anti-tax party. Which political party would suit those needs again?

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Our Favorite Blogs: The Lonely Conservative

This article is the second in a scheduled eight-part series. We here at Jumping in Pools love our fellow blogs out there on internet-land, so here is something to give back.

One of our favorite blogs: The Lonely Conservative

Why they're cool: The thing that we love most about The Lonely Conservative is how similar they are to JiP. Both of us reside in "Blue" states, but are still conservative; we write very similar articles and link to each other occasionally; heck, we even have similar ratings on Technorati.

The Lonely Conservative Speaks:

What is your site's goal for the next year?

To be honest, after the past week or so I'm just trying to get through the month. March was the best month ever at TLC, things were really taking off. But then my site was hacked last week and the hacker installed code redirecting readers to suspicious sites. What a mess. Thankfully, the problem was fixed and steps were taken to protect the site, but it's been a great big set back.

As for 2011, I'm hoping the Democrats will have lost control of Congress and there will be a check on President Obama and his administration. Then we can start looking to 2012 and trying to get a good conservative nominated to run on the GOP ticket. CPAC should be pretty interesting next year, and I plan to attend the full three day conference. If you've never been I really recommend it - you get great speeches, great parties and the chance to meet candidates and representatives that you may not otherwise meet.

What makes your site unique?

I try to follow the latest news stories, but you never know when I'll go off on some kind of rant. You have to read every day or you may miss it. There are also a few guest contributors to give the site a different perspective on things every now and then. Alan's in Florida and Andy and Bill are here in Upstate New York.

When did you found your site?

January of 2008.

Anything else you would like to add?

May should be an interesting month. Both of my boys will be playing baseball, in two different leagues. Between baseball, a full time job and the blog I'll really be putting my time management skills to the test. If I start using a lot of baseball metaphors you'll know why.

Here's a screenshot of The Lonely Conservative:

So go there and enjoy what they have to say. Bookmark, read articles, and comment. Comment!

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

One of the greatest songs of all time, here now are Simon and Garfunkel performing the "new" Bridge Over Troubled Water in 1969:

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Told You So!

Everyone thought that Mahmud Ahmadinejad was full of it when he said that there were no homosexuals in Iran, while he winked knowingly at the media cameras. Here's proof that he was lying about gays and to himself:

4 koma comic strip None Absolutely

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Video: Crist 'Running as a Republican'

From the Rubio campaign, a new commercial:

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Puerto Rico Statehood-- Another Look

Bouncing off of what Mr. K has written about the subject:

And what the Huffington Post wrote, I'm going to include a short post about some thoughts on the subject.

As for the HuffPo, I would have liked to have seen a more in-depth look. You know, if Puerto Rico does join the union, we might have a few good things:

1. Possible GOP state.
2. Realign GOP with Latinos.
3. Create another (after Cuban) Latino base in the Republican Party.
4. Breaking the magic "50" number might allow states to split-- namely Upstate from Downstate NY.

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McCain Up 26% on Hayworth

Yes, I know all of the talk about John McCain being a RINO and he's terrible and what ever else people want to throw at him. The fact remains that he might be the single most fiscally conservative member of the entire Congress-- and during the tenure of President Obama, that's a very valuable trait. He's also one of the best members about military affairs and strategy-- also unlike the current president-- and JD Hayworth.

Remember that polls also have Hayworth behind the Democratic candidate for Senate if he should win the primary. Hayworth has surprisingly high negatives and was one of the number one taker of illicit funds from Jack Abramoff. Plus he was kicked out of Congress as an incumbent by a Republican district.

And now he's down 26% to John McCain. The RCP average has McCain up 15%. Pack it in, JD. Stop wasting everyone's time.

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Puerto Rico politics and Glenn Beck.

When I turn on Glenn Beck each morning for the latest and greatest news on talk radio: I never expect to hear about Puerto Rico for 60 consecutive minutes, forcing me to turn off my radio. It could just be me, but I really have no problem with Puerto Rico becoming our 51st state - if the Congressional legislation is written right, which the current legislation is not.

What's the problem with Glenn Beck? Well, he doesn't like how the legislation is written, or how the legislation will be forcing Puerto Ricans to choose between two unpopular choices - Statehood or the unusual Independence. I agree with Glenn Beck on both of his grievances, but if Congress were to rewrite the legislation, I would without a doubt support a 51st Puerto Rican state.

Wouldn't the State of Puerto Rico lead to millions of new Democratic votes? The idiot would yell "yes!" from rooftops, but Puerto Rico isin't a simple commonwealth. Like our other territories, Puerto Rico has a mixture of the two national major political parties and three local parties, one of which is called the New Progressive Party.

Sounds like a radical progressive bunch? You'd be mistaken, see the New Progressive Party was established when several local Republicans were agitated with the Republican Party of Puerto Rico over a lack of firm commitment for statehood. It might surprise some, but the party was and is the dominant Conservative party, and their purpose is simple: Achieve statehood through any means possible.

Still unconvinced? Please look up Puerto Rico's Republican Governor Luis Fortuno, a fiscal Conservative who has been fighting the good fight against labor unions, state employees and government spending. Fortuno is also the Chairman of the Progressive Party, though his allegiance lies with Republicans. In all honesty, Fortuno is such a Conservative - he's been mentioned as a potential Republican candidate for President in 2012.

Overall a Puerto Rican state would benefit both Republicans and Democrats, especially if their popular Republican Governor ran for US Senate or the House of Representatives, and though I support their current efforts for statehood, I do not approve of their methods, thus I will not support the legislation being debated this afternoon in Washington.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Jeb Bush Might Not be Such a Bad Idea

Politico has an article up and Hot Air has linked to it about the possibility of a future Bush in national politics. Of course, this is Jeb Bush, the well-known former governor of Florida. Jeb is George W.'s brother and with a voting population not too enamored with the Bushes, the logic of having him be the face of the GOP might not seem like a great idea.

That being said, there are some advantages.

  • Credibility: Bush was a highly successful two-term governor of Florida. He was consistently conservative on many issues and remained very popular.
  • Experience: Bush pushed through landmark legislation including an education overhaul. In a time of economic uncertainty, the fact that he also served as the state's Secretary of Commerce is a big plus.
  • Demographic appeal: Bush is a converted Catholic and is able to play to both the Protestant and Catholic populations. Bush is also married to Columba Bush, who is Latina. Bush is fluent in English and Spanish and has a following among the state's Cuban-American population.
  • Popular in a swing state: If Bush was at the top of the ticket, the GOP would carry Florida, period. His appeal would also reach into increasingly Latino states in the West.
So don't count out this solidly conservative success story. Yes, he might have the "baggage" of the Bush name, but he would make a good President. And think about it: could he actually be worse than Obama.

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Still Funny After All these Years

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David Wright Helps a Grant-a-Wish Fan

<object width="480" height="385">

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