Saturday, April 16, 2011

Schoharie County and the Civil War

The distaste of war was once again on American soil in 1861, the Civil War. A person from Schoharie County was actually at Fort Sumpter when the South bombarded it.
The country rested their hands on their rapier, preparing for war, whether to preserve the union or destroy it. Even people in Schoharie County prepared. The first person, when the Civil War occurred, in the county to volunteer for the army was Hiram A. Blodgett, of Cherry Valley. People in our county who joined the services made up the Third New York cavalry, the 134th New York regiment, and the 76th N. Y. S. V.
The 134th regiment was involved in the actions at Atlanta, Knoxville, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Missionary Ridge, Lost Mountain, Pine Knob, Resaca, Goldsborough, Peachtree Creek, and Savannah. Needless to say that the regiment got around a lot. Some died in battle, and many of them were killed by Typhoid fever.

The book lists, what seems to be, over a thousand people from around here, who were in the armed services, mainly the 134th regiment.
The book also gives tribute to those who perished in the war. It’s astounding to think of Gettysburg, or a battle of that magnitude, and think of people from Schoharie County fighting in it.

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