Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make Phone Calls through A Bluetooth Headphone

A Bluetooth headphone can provide a number of different advantages to people in several different working environments. Considering the size of these devices there is a huge amount of technology and functionality packed into them. The most basic, and obvious, advantage of Bluetooth headphones is that they are completely wireless and so remove the requirement for trailing wires and cables across desks or around cars or bodies.
In order to make the most of the features available it is a good idea to consult with a specialist supplier of headphones in order to get not only the product that is right for the job, but also to ensure that any purchase provides value for money. While there are many suppliers around it is best to go to an approved supplier in Australia to ensure that the products are genuine and that they will also come with a guarantee. OfficeLife are one example of such a supplier who stock a wide range of headphones and headsets and who offer a friendly advice service to anyone who needs more information about headsets for their particular needs.
There are features that are common to most Bluetooth headphones. The first is the weight of the devices. The lightest ones weight only 7g, and even the heavier models only weigh 11g. This is because they are made out of lightweight materials that are also robust enough to be used daily.
The style of most single ear Bluetooth headphones is that of an in-ear speaker, a hook that sits over the top of the ear and a small protruding microphone that sits around the cheek area. This format means that these headphones are ideal for using when in cars, on foot, on trains, and so on, because they are so compact and light that they can be left in place without any restriction on the activity being carried out.
Many of the environments within which these headphones will be worn can be noisy. Therefore noise cancelling technology is included in the vast majority of headphones. For low level noise, such as general background noise in an office, the single microphone noise cancellation system will provide good noise reduction for someone using the headset while making a phone call. In more challenging environments where there may be strong wind or a lot of vehicle noise then a more sophisticated system will perform much better, in the form of the three microphone system. The type of noise cancellation technology used within headphones will have a direct impact on the price of the headphones and so there can be significant price differences between devices even if there is little obvious difference when looking at them.
Bluetooth is a short range technology and so will only work up to 10m from the transmitter, whether that is a mobile phone or a dongle that is connected to a computer. It should be noted that this is also line of sight so if there is anything in the way the range will be affected.

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