Monday, August 18, 2008

Score One for Matty

Soon enough the summer will be over, but not without its confidence-boosting effects.

For my first month I worked at my dream job: the night shift at a gas station.
For the second I worked in Oneonta.

But last week I got to go to Plattburgh.

There I got to hang out with Joshua and Safina Green.

Next week I start at 90% female St. Rose for a degree in education.

Unfortunately, world events took a negative turn.

So let me start with some inanity:

My favorite nations as of August 2008, not counting America (fuck, yeah!):

1. Iraqi Kurdistan
2. Albania/Kosovo
3. Georgia
4. Israel
5. Poland
6. the Ukraine

Least favorite:

1. Russia (see Georgia)
2. Iran
3. Syria
4. Sudan
5. North Korea
6. Serbia (see Kosovo)
7. China

However, some things must be noted:

For our musical performances during EOP Summer Academy, I was pushing hard for either Total Eclipse of the Heart or for It's My Life by No Doubt. Unfortunately we didn't do either.

There's not really much here, but I kinda felt like writing.


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