Friday, October 31, 2008

Cuba expects Obama to Lift Embargo

As if we didn't need more evidence of who the rogue dictatorships of the world are rooting for, there was this report. Apparently the Castro brothers believe that soon-to-be President Obama will announce that all is forgiven, and the United States will become a willing market.

If and when we normalize relations with Cuba, we will be their biggest market by far. If the current regime is in place, then we will be enriching them far beyond their current impoverished state. Cuba has things and will have things that we want from them (sugar cane-- hello, ethanol?, and oil--soon). We may accidentally just bolster the Castros if we go and jump into a relationship with that.

Well, I mean, Obama may destroy the future for the Cuban people, but at least if we open up trade, we'll be privy to a whole lot of good food. Is that worth years of oppression?

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Bob Vanderet said...

The Cuban embargo is simply stupid. The way to change non-market societies is to engage them, not isolate them. China may not be ideal, but it's a heck of a lot closer to an open society as a result of Nixon-Kissinger's wise decision to engage China and lift our economic and diplomatic embargo there. North Korea is a good example of what happens when you try to isolate a dictatorship. The biggest step we could take to bringing Cuba closer to a democratic, open, market society is to lift the embargo, and I sincerely hope President Obama does so.