Thursday, October 30, 2008

If Obama Loses, Cities Will Burn

I was looking for some news and saw this article. It is well written but it underlies one of the problems of the new Left. If McCain wins, he wins. People just cannot accept that a Republican may actually be elected legitimately. Even in 2004, when Bush won a convincing victory, there were still accusations of stealing the election.

Unfortunately it appears that the new Left is still unable to accept simple facts. WMDs existed. Saddam supported terrorism. Be stronger than relying on conspiracy theories or the lies of Michael Moore. Grow up.

Anyone on the Right shouldn't fall for wacko theories either.

I'm enthusiastically voting for McCain on Tuesday, but I think Obama's going to win, and if he does he will be my President. Unless there's a large amount of voter fraud, then he will be the legitimate victor to me. I won't burn a car or mail annoying flyers out. I may disagree with him, but I won't whine for the next four years. It's this whining that prevented the Democrats from gaining traction for a long time. It's this whining and the sense of entitlement that has McCain still polling in the 40s%.

So those who are supporting McCain: if Obama wins, be polite. Don't scream that he's not your President. Be stronger than that.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Obama won, and quite handily. Now we will get to find out just what "change" is in fact in store for us.