Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why McCain is Pushing So Hard in Pennsylvania

A lot has been made about McCain's campaign constantly campaigning in Pennsylvania, despite the fact that many polls have Obama up by ten. There are a couple of factors to look at:

* Despite a lot of pro-Kerry polling in 2004, Bush only lost Pennsylvania by 2%.
* Since then, the Democrats have signed up a lot more voters than Republicans.
* Hillary trounced Obama in the primaries.
* Pennsylvania is one of the oldest states in the Union.

SO... why is McCain spending so much time in PA?

He doesn't expect to win, but his strategy is to pull Obama away from closer states such as Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. By doing this, McCain is hoping that Obama will distract resources and McCain will be able to hold onto these Bush 2004 states.
Also, with all of the campaigning in Pennsylvania, then Obama's comments about blue-collar workers will be brought up repeatedly, hurting Obama in the Rust Belt. Anyone who holds guns or religion dear will probably be re-offended.
Election Prediction: Pennsylvania: Obama 52% McCain 46%

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