Friday, October 31, 2008

I Want McCain to Win for the Sheer Fun of the Left's Response

Of course I want him to win cause I like him and think he'd make a good President. However, an increasingly larger part of me wants to see him win just to see everyone on the Left lose their minds.

If you look at any comments on websites or YouTube or anything like that you can see that many folks just comment to be heard. Often, when you're dealing with the 13-25 demographic, you're dealing with idiots who also desire to have attention.... In other words, just about the worst combination.

Still, I want to see what happens on Tuesday night or Wednesday as people go insane. The 2004 election elicited some crazy writing, but not much crazy action. I want to see people make good on their promise to move to Canada (probably Iran would be better). I want to see people renounce their citizenship. I want to see people realize that America still believes in John McCain.

Now, I don't expect McCain to win, which would make this even better. Still, I guess we'll find out.

Best of luck, everyone.


not a dem anymore said...

I have a poll going, well 3 polls going and one of them you might like to know the numbers on.

Do Obama's associates matter to you?
Yes, I left the DEM Party and I am voting McCain. 62% (317 votes)

Yes, I am still a DEM but I am voting McCain. 36% (182 votes)

No, They don't bother me. I am voting Obama. 2% (9 votes)

Yes, But I am still voting Obama. <1% (1 votes)

Total Votes: 509

Out of 499 votes 182 are still registered as dems. I know this is not real polling but when you consider that they poll more dems in the polls because more dems are registered than republicans in the US. It just might make a difference in the end.

McCain/Palin '08

Anonymous said...

That would be fun, but I think we're going to have to wait until 2012.

not a dem anymore said...

you don't think McCain would run in 2012 do you?

Editor said...

no, McCain won't. He'll be 76. Much as I like him. I just hope there's a liberal-moderate Republican for me to vote for.
I guess Giuliani.

Editor said...

Thanks for the poll numbers too. My folks are Dems and are voting McCain. So's one of our writers, Joe C.

Bookmark the page if you like and spread the word! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

heck i can't vote in the US election (i live in Italy) but my "virtual" vote is for John McCain...i have several reason to prefer McCain to THE ONE (never say HIS name in vane or you will be stuck by a lightning)i will only say experience, Obama is a socialist and so but as you said i want McCain to win for the sheer fun of the left's response too....i can image the headline of the major communist (yes we stiil have them!) newpaper: Obama lost racism won....4 years ago the same newspaper (il manifesto) using the first exit polls had this big headline "good morning America" and below a big photo of John was priceless