Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Forgotten Nations: Albania, Georgia, and Kosovo

Over the last several administrations, relations with small, often little-known countries have grown substantially. It makes me proud to see that smaller nations of the world look up to the United States. In Albania, we are seen as a great benevolent nation. In Georgia we are seen as a big brother and the epitome of Democracy. In Kosovo we are seen as a defender of innocent civilians and a saviour of the weak.

It makes me proud. President Clinton and President Bush greatly improved relations with Albania and, although it didn't declare independence until 2008, Kosovo. Last year, for the first time ever, the reigning American President visited Albania. Their streets flooded to meet President Bush, civilians wore giant Uncle Sam hats, and people openly wept for the President of the country they look up to. In Georgia, President Bush has fostered strong relations to a small, but great Democracy.

But what will happen under an Obama Presidency? He will forget. As is well known, Albania, Kosovo, and, until recently, Georgia are not often in the world's spotlight. Obama will forget them. He would focus, rather, on larger nations, ones he deems perhaps more important. But he will forget the small nations. To me, I would much rather have Albania, Kosovo, and Georgia like us than, let's say, France. But Obama does not know.

It is clear to see that Senator Obama does not fully understand foreign relations. One needs look no further than the outbreak of hostilities between Georgia and Russia. With the Russian invasion of Russian territory, Obama had these very vague words for the international community, "The United States, Europe, and all other concerned countries must stand united, stemming this aggression and staking a peaceful solution to the crisis...We should continue to push for a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate end to the violence." Aggression by who? At the time it seemed as though Obama didn't know. McCain called on Russia to pull back its troops and cited the historical significance of Georgia, Russia, and the former Soviet Union.

Obama eventually released a stronger statement, but it was clear to see his loose grip on smaller countries in places not known to the average American. He will not remember Georgia, he will not remember Albania, and he will not remember Kosovo if he becomes President (barring something that brings them to the world stage). The forgetting of these staunch U.S. supporters is a sad reality should Obama be elected, and McCain defeated.



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God Bless Albania!

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