Friday, October 31, 2008

Top Ten Reasons You Can Tell Obama's Not a Muslim

First and foremost I want to make clear: Barack Obama is not a Muslim and never has been. Just to clarify. These are meant to be "humorous" or "satire."

# 10. He didn't kneel down to pray during the debate.
# 9. He is not having the White House pointed at Mecca.
#8. He doesn't use the word Insha'allah instead of hope.
He has never referred to taxes as zakat.
#6. The pillars behind him during the convention speech weren't the Five Pillars.
#5. He has denied being the 12th Imam.
#4. He is not Albanian (which pretty much disqualifies him)
#3. He did not shout "Allahu Akbar" after winning the Iowa caucus.
#2. During one of the town hall meetings he noisily ate three plates of pork chops covered in bacon and smothered in pork gravy. Afterward he shouted, "It's good to be a kaffir!"
#1. He's not a Muslim, people! When are people going to realize that?

A bonus 11th one: He hasn't put a jihad on poverty.


Anonymous said...

good post

Joe C. said...

Also, let me make it clear, even if he was a Muslim, it would not make any difference to me.