Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The REAL Voter Repression

With all we've heard about the evil Republican machine suppressing voting, there hasn't been a lot made of actual acts of voter repression this election.
Not evil, malignant voter repression, but rather attempting to keep entire demographics home by presenting a self-fulfilling prophecy: Obama's election.

Polls are polls, but there are other items that seem to show that there are firm attempts to both sway opinion or keep McCain supporters home.

For example: How McCain is 'being trounced' in early voting. Needless to say this is from the Huffington Post, but still, if I was a little more apathetic, I might not even bother to go vote at all. To see Obama with a 20% lead among these "early voters," lazier commentators might as well call it now. Still, I don't believe the results: In 2004, exit polls showed Kerry with a substantial win. It turned out that Kerry supporters were egotistical enough to hunt down exit pollers and give them their two or four or eight cents worth.

If we dig a little deeper, early voting is not proceeding as much as anticipated. Perhaps the Huffington Post jumped the gun after all.

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