Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something That Made My Skin Crawl

I was surfing for news and saw this linked to Drudge.

Didn't all of those European folks call on behalf of John Kerry in 2004 and how did that work out. But still, there must be a reason that Palestinians and the Iranian government are backing Obama. This is not one of those posts that say that Obama's a foreigner Muslim--he's not. He's an Evangelical Christian American.

These entities are supporting him because his prior positions have given them hope. His talk against the war before it even began and his associations with people like Khalidi must give them hope. His original position while running in the primaries was an unconditional pullout from Iraq, which would bolster groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and nations like Iran and Syria.

Obama represents the anti-Bush to them. Bush represented someone who would take on regimes and terrorist groups and attempt to build democracy. Obama attempts to rationalize their repression or murder.

Obama himself is not a bad guy but there's something wrong with some of the folks that like him so much.

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Jaymax said...

The obvious reason that Palestinians and the Iranian government would lean towards Obama is exactly the same reason the vast majority of Europeans and the rest of the world outside the US leans towards Obama.

Viewed objectively, Obama brings more chance of peace in this world, whether you're Iranian, English, or Canadian.

ALT said...

...And McCain has been endorsed by Al Qaeda! Horror!