Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Congressman from California attacking first amendment.

Its been ongoing for years, the Democrats have been attacking the Constitution at almost every aspect possible, gun rights, freedom of religion, state rights, 8th amendment, etc. etc. etc. But this time a little known Congresswoman from California is suggestion that we bring back the "fairness doctrine" which is in short a "censorship doctrine" that would force talk radio to showcase both viewpoints, hitting Conservative radio hard, and perhaps destroying talk radio alltogether (remember Liberal talk radio has been tried several times, and failed miserbly).
But, she also wants to attack freedom of speech on television!

Stories :


My personal view is this :

Newspapers, television, movies, pretty much everything has a leftist slant in it, in which Republicans are constantly attacked, Democrats are praised, and the Constitution means nothing. Talk radio & the Internet are the true bastions of Conservatism, and if they attack one they will attack the other, as one that loves the Constitution this is wrong, illegal, Un-american, and un-Constitutional.

Hopefully enough email her, or else.......there goes freedom.

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