Thursday, December 18, 2008

Richmondville and the Wind issue

Politics in Richmondville New York, is brutal, well put, simply said, why I would ever want to run for a trustee position in this town is comparable to suicide, but I believe I can make a difference, as for the biggest political issue in Richmondville history :
The wind turbine issue
I have the following to say :
I am against wind turbines in Richmondville for different reasons then most, I am not concerned with the effect it will have on the environment, I am in favor of drilling all around the country for the last drop of oil we can get, I am against it because it has never been a proven energy source, the problem with wind energy is :
When its not windy, the turbines shut off, currently there is no major storage system for the energy it could potentially produce, in some areas such as the open plains or the ocean this is a brilliant idea, but in Richmondville New York? Its suicide of wasting town funds on a un-proven energy source, as well as bringing about the entire town screaming at you every minute of the day.
I have made this proposal before in a Letter to the Editor in the Times Journal, Richmondville has enough creeks and streams, and they have been used before, to do hyrdo-electricity, it would make us even more Independent, and it would end this entire "wind debate".

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Timothy Knight

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