Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final post for 2008

Hey, this is the final post in 2008 for Jumping in pools.

a couple random thoughts:

For all the talk about liberal judges being "judicial activists", why doesn't anyone talk about conservatives being activist judges? To me, DC vs. Heller and Bush vs. Gore were pretty activist. The former striking down a DC handguns law and the latter deciding the 2000 election.

For all the place New Year's Day has had in college football, the day has lost its luster lately in College football. The BCS National Championship is not until January 8th and the freaking GMAC Bowl between Ball State and Tulsa in Mobile, Alabama is on January 6th.

Lastly, Happy New Year and have a good 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in 2008!

Editor said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Heller vs. DC, was not Conservative inflated in anyway, they we're following the Constitution - which Washington D.C was in violation of with their idiotic gun ban law. As for the 2000 election, may I add a Liberal majority gave Bush the victory, all evidence pointed towards a Bush victory, that is history, he won, its over with.

Have a Happy New Year.

Aurelius said...

I'll have to side with K here. Throwing terms like conservative and liberal when it comes to two specific decisions like these is too presumptuous anyway.

However, just because Joe C. compared Bush v. Gore to conservatism, it does not necessarily mean that he (Joe) disagrees with the decision.

Editor said...

Lets remember something, when it comes to issues involving the Constitution - such as the second amendment, Conservatives are the ones who defend it best. I am not going after you Joe, but I believe there was error in what you said.

Happy new Year, anywho.