Friday, December 12, 2008

Look beyond the snowy beauty, the mountains that cover the area, the beautiful skyline, what do you get? New York state.
One of the worst states in the entire United States when it comes to running things financially, may I please give some examples :
40,000 dollars for Turkish rugs (2) in the Governors mansion.
A possible "gas - cow tax" that would kill the farming industry.
An idle tax from Westchester county, if you idle for longer then 3 minutes - you get a 250 dollar ticket!
Mayor Bloomberg in New York City : cut police force, hire metermaids to get more money!
The list goes on, and on, and on.
One local one as well :
Lets spend 75,000 dollars more a year on Tourism when everyone is hurting real bad, THANK GOD FOR BILL CHERRY!

New York state needs reform, as Assemblyman Lopez suggested, perhaps during this crisis we can reform the state of New York back to ethics when dealing with money, perhaps we can become more fiscally Conservative, and not more liberal-landish like California has become. We need to help the citizens of NY by spending less, and using the tax money for better use, or else - the state of New York is going to start losing citizens by the bucketfull.

Authors note :
Timothy K. from Richmondville here, I am the new writer on Jumping in Pools, I shall share my opinion on local/state/national political affairs from a Conservative viewpoint, as well as tell my positions for a possible Trustee run in 4 years.

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Anonymous said...

Now Timothy, you cannot properly hang the cow tax on the state. That's from the federal EPA, which is running like a yeller dog, tail between it's legs.

There is another side to the tourism funding: advertising does in fact bring in money although you never know exactly how much; (2) a new county "bed" tax on tourists goes into effect this summer and is estimated to raise about twice what the county put into the tourism fund; (3) the money is from last year's surplus and they plan to replenish the surplus "slush fund" from proceeds of the bed tax.

Now aren't you ashamed of yourself, young man?
--- The Contrarian