Saturday, December 6, 2008

Batman Versus Terrorists

There's an interesting article out there about the allegories of The Dark Knight. A few snippets:

Even more compelling is the film's depiction of its characters' reaction to terrorism. Though Gotham City is defiant at first, the escalating violence soon leads the citizenry to despair and defeatism.


In a supreme act of self-sacrifice, he tells Gordon to blame Batman for Dent's murders. “You'll hunt me,” he says. “You'll condemn me. You'll set the dogs on me. But that's what has to happen. Sometimes truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.” The film ends with a sense of bleak uncertainty as Batman, now a hunted fugitive, disappears into the darkness, determined to be the city's shadow protector, its dark knight, whatever the cost.

I've read an article from the Wall Street Journal comparing Batman's character in the film to President Bush's. I actually tend to agree. No matter what people thought of him, President Bush was determined to leave behind a safer world and a safer America. President Bush should team up with Batman-- find some new laser to take him out of a comic book or something.

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Anonymous said...

"...President Bush was determined to leave behind a safer world and a safer America."
IF he accomplished such results, which I do not believe, it was completely accidental.