Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phils May Have Taken the NL East Back

Despite the Mets acquiring K-Rod to become their new closer, the Phillies may have beaten the Mets to the punch, signing Raul Ibanez as a new outfielder. The Phillies already have the core to a winning team, and this signing goes to reinforce this. With Ibanez hitting behind Howard, the lineup becomes more formidable and balanced. With a hitter who can hit for average, power, or both, the Phillies are able to increase strategies and not worry as much about the lower part of their lineup.

Even as a Met fan, I have to say that the team still is damaged. They still need a second baseman and left field is up in the air. Even with Putz and K-Rod, the bullpen is still in danger. The Mets should look at other options, especially a left-handed reliever who can pitch more than a third of an inning.

If the Mets can't add to their bullpen and at least patch up one of their field positions, they're looking at the Phillies winning the NL East again.

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