Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama's Starting to Sound Better

I don't know if anyone's been following the news lately, but Barack Obama has become a true politician. Many questioned his experience, but since he was elected, he has learned to disregard his promises and do what he-- or his advisors want to do.

Well, Obama got a lot of notice early in the primaries as an eloquent firebrand against the Iraq War. Now with the war being won and all, it sounds like he's changing his tune. That or he's confused. In any case, it's a real change from almost two years of campaigning. At this rate, he'll ask for American troops in Iraq for 101 years.

And I know that a lot of neo-cons also fantasized over Obama now appear to be believing in change even more. Heck, even Karl Rove is giving his praise to the President-Elect:

On the Wall Street Journal free market right they are seeing, in his economic team, the possibility that he is really as safe to capitalism as a banker. Karl Rove has concluded that "Mr. Obama's economic team was reassuring. He's generally surrounded himself with intelligent, mainstream advisers."

So-- it sounds like Obama's abandoning parts of his tax plan and appears to be bringing around a third term of George W. Bush!

Obama puts Hillary in State, keeps Gates on at the Pentagon. Gee, how long until Obama announces he's hired Bush as an "Assistant President."

Sheesh. I thought we were getting change. Those Obama voters might as well have written in Bush's name.

But a third term of George W. Bush isn't the worst thing in the world.

Continuity we can believe in!

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