Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What the Hell is Going on in Greece?

Being someone of Hellenic descent, I'm looking at the current situation in Greece and just two words come to mind: Grow up. Greece has had a long history of political extremism, including multiple Marxist parties. It's about time that the people, especially the young folk, settle down and begin to attempt to repair what's wrong instead of blaming everyone else.

Instead of trying to cause problems for the government for no apparent reason, create a get-out-the-vote drive. Instead of blaming the Turks for current problems, write to the government asking to build relations with Turkey. Instead of belittling the United States, why don't you move here instead of being jealous?

These riots aren't accomplishing anything and are damaging peoples' lives and well-being. These students and anarchists appear to be doing what's en vogue and are not thinking for themselves. Grow up.


Anonymous said...

Its so crazy what happens in greece with students actually !

Anonymous said...

Matthew you are right. It was sad for someone like, me who lived in Greece for so many years, and who has family there to see Greece being demolished in such a fashion by students who could have had a peaceful demonstration without destroying property. It also makes me feel that maybe Greece is going backwards instead of forward. The students in Athens acted as if they were uneducated cave men instead of civilized and democratic. Did they really have this much hatred in their hearts? Are they not able to communicate with the government in a civilized manner? It brought me sadness to see that at this day and age that communication is not part of a peaceful way to bring peace. It was sad that the young man lost his life, does that mean that more lives should have been lost? That property that others had worked hard to build be destroyed in such a fashion?
That is not the way to go about getting your way, unless you are an uncivilized caveman. No brain, no communication skills, no regard to others well being and dysfunctional.
Does Greece want others around the world to see them in this way?
I, as a Greek do not.

Anonymous said...

Life is more valuable than property. One of the greatest perversions of the human spirit was when we changed the meaning of violence from one person hurting another to the destruction of property. People fight because they are forced to, and governments fall because they don't respect their people. It is sad to me to think in this day and age that ALL governments may be in the process of failing due to a century of trying to control and manipulate those they were meant to lead. When things fall apart it's sad, but it doesn't mean for a second that the destruction of a dying edifice isn't necessary. Viva la Revolution.