Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Listen to Phil Hendrie

I would like to suggest to everyone to listen to radio host Phil Hendrie. Hendrie blends a sharp sense of humor with satire to create a hilarious show that rarely disappoints. I've been listening to Phil since 2002 and have experienced some of the best moments listening to radio I ever have. Hendrie's show is also on 810 WGY out of Schenectady and for those across the country, they can listen on WGY's website.

Some good quotes:

Lloyd Bonafide

Ma'am while you we're all cozy in your home during the Korean conflict I was up to my neck in Moe Howard haircuts.

Buddy, you put your hands on me and you'll pull back two bloody stumps.

What's this Canadian doin' on the phone, okay, they haven't launched anything higher than a balloon.

You try to tailgate me on black ice, and the only charred remains they'll find that day will have a pith helmet on top of it.

I'll just let this beach bum here know: he ever grabs a phone out of my hands and he'll come back with just a wrist. No hand, just a wrist.

So if you get a chance, listen, and spread the word!

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