Monday, December 29, 2008

Ousting Neary

After years of being the Mayor of Richmondville, causing many controversies, and pissing off a majority time and time again ( and for some reason being re-elected time and time again), Mayor Neary's reign over Richmondville is coming to an end, talking to the average everyday citizen I feel a movement of finally voting Neary out of the office of Mayor. The question that is haunting some people such as myself is :

Who, on the Republican side can face him and win?

Surely Carl Warner Jr. has a good shot, as he nearly beat Neary 4 years ago.

Dick Lape is well known Republican who could win.

Councilmen Bilby perhaps?

The list goes on and on, but this is my advice to the Schoharie County Republican party :

Find a man that is well known, and respected in Richmondville, launch a respectful but at times attack filled campaign against Mr.Neary, expose his faults as Mayor of Richmondville, how he has not always done the best for the town, among other things.

All I can say is, goodluck to the GOP candidate for Mayor of Richmondville.


Whoever is brave enough to run for Mayor of Richmondville, must have a strong heart and a lot of knowledge with village affairs.

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Anonymous said...

Bob LaPietra's your man.