Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Myth about the "bailout"

There is the myth that is making its rounds through Democrat and some Republican ranks, that if we do not bailout the big three (which is now the big two) millions will lose their jobs, and international companies will invade the United States, forever ruining America. This is complete fallacy, applying for chapter 11 does not mean you lay off millions of workers, it means you regroup the company! Which is the smartest road for all of these bailed out companies, they need to do the following :
Lower wages, get rid of the unions.
Stop following these green-regulations, and start making cars people want.
Start expanding to different areas of the country, where tax rates are cheaper.

The north is a death sentence for most business, the south is an area of low taxes, cheap everything, and no unions.

The myth that millions will lose their jobs because of Chapter 11 is idiotic, we don't need more socialistic bullcrap, we need FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM!

- Timothy K.

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