Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Predictions FROM the future

My predictions, which I predict, after the predictions are made will prove to be 100% predictions for predicting the future.

January 1 2010 :
Gas price - $3.67
Oil per barrel - $124
Jumping in Pools readership - 234
Obama approval rating - 45%
Iran has bomb - Yes.
Isreal attacks Iran - no, but will soon.
Mjor Obama scandal (already have had one concearning his chief of staff) - personal scandal - no, scandal involving country - its possible.
Osama dead? - No.
Atlanta Braves 2009 record - 79-83
World series champ 2009 - Redsox
Super Bowl Champs - Someone, not the Bears though!

Number of fist fights at Richmondville town meetings of any sort - 4
Mayor Neary re-elected in 2009 - Nope.
How many governorships won by Republicans in 2009 - Just one, in New Jersey, the other governorship will be won by a Democrat in Virginia, sadly.

My predictions.

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