Thursday, December 18, 2008

Other option to wind.

Well, since the pools are frozen, its time to debate.

Issue in question : wind turbines.

May I please note, I am a Conservative Republican, I am against wind turbines because they have not been proven to work for the effective means "wind supporters" claim they can perform, but in reality (and wind tycoon T.Boone Pickens backs me up on this) wind technology is 10-20 years away from its full potential, why put money into something that is unproven, expensive, and when there is at least one other good option.

Other option? :

Hydro-electricity - the energy source of our country ancestry years ago.

We are full of streams, creeks, rivers, dams, etc. Put some hydro-electric techno under the water, you will see instant results, as through out the entire year, except for maybe a dry spell for one month, free-energy will be provided to the citizens of this fair country, Gilboa is considering this. Investing in wind is an insult to injury, and in tough economic times we need to invest money in PROVEN resources.

As for the national level, I argue for across the board drilling, as we need to get our hands on the billions upon trillions of gallons of oil, tons of coal, and God knows how much natural gas.

Wind energy is a gamble, and this is not Vegas, we need smart spending by our local towns, not risky voting. And with the current board in R'Ville - it will most likely pass a pro-wind measure, this would be a horrible investment.

Wind energy not an eye sore, but an financial sore.

Authors note : also if anyone comes in with wind, we need to tax them like everyone else, perhaps we can take the burden off of local citizens, as lets remember - wind turbines would bring no jobs, thus they deserve no tax incentive.

And Matt, I love debating you.

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Unknown said...

You say T. Boone backs you up on wind energy being unproven? A laughable misinterpretation, my friend, but understandable on the part of anyone who admits being Republican. T. Boone is investing in well-proven technology that is far from its potential widespread use.

Editor said...

T.Boone Pickens said a number of months ago, that wind technology is years away from being at a potential point of a good energy source, its years away from developing a good storage system, he did say that.

And my friend, Republicans are the right side of every debate, Democrats screw everything up.


Aurelius said...

One: Apparently you are unaware that Denmark gets over a fifth of its energy from wind, which clearly shows the potential and viability of wind.

Two: I’m a Republican too, and, no, Democrats don’t “screw up everything.” Seriously, knock it off with the stereotypes of Republicans vs. Democrats and just argue the issues.