Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pearl Harbor Will Not be Forgotten

Today, the 67th Anniversary of the carnage of Pearl Harbor is still pertinent to today. With the aftermath of the September 11th atrocities, we cannot forget that the forces of aggression are still out there. They're still looking to fight the innocent and take down the defenders of freedom.

Today we are fighting another form of evil. They are willing to drop nerve gas on children and fly planes into buildings. These animals must be stopped.

We will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Goody Two Shoes Americans have never been aggressors. Some people think that more harm has been done in the name of Christianity than by any other cause.
You are too young to be so closeminded.

Anonymous said...

He didn't said the US was never an aggressor. And who mentioned Christianity? What a dumbass.

Good article.

Anonymous said...

Oh this whole anti-terrorist, defenders of the innocent, fight the infidel thing is often wrapped in a Mary-blue cloak. If you're not for God and country then you aren't a patriot. "They" have been "Us" as well. It simply depends on your perspective. A jihad is a jihad whether or not you're killing yourself with a plane for Allah or whipping up the galoots with twenty-year-old news.

Editor said...

Umm.. and just because Halabja happened 20 years ago doesn't make it unimportant. That's the reason the Iraq War happened and that's still a tragedy. It's pertinent and one of the worst crimes against humanity since Auschwitz and the worst WMD attack on civilians since Nagasaki.

And yes, I guess were are in a jihad... against National Socialism and 7th century Wahabbism.