Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hero: Mithal al-Alusi

Jumping in Pools would like to run a series of some people who are making dramatic changes to the world for the better. They may not be well recognized, but they represent what we desire from humanity. In their acts of heroism, we can appreciate and replicate.

Mithal al-Alusi

Mithal al-Alusi is a member of the Iraqi Parliament and is a secular Sunni. He has worked hard to create peace in his home country. He was one of the top candidates for Prime Minister in 2005.

He has fought for a free, democratic Iraq, despite the fact that terrorists assassinated two of his children. Alusi has strongly backed an alliance with the United States and Israel. He supports democratic nations supporting each other against tyranny. He recently visited a conference in Israel, a major step for an Arab politician. Upon his arrival, he was criticized in Iraq and there was even talk of execution.

Fortunately, Alusi beat the charges against him. In fact, it's not illegal for citizens of Iraq to visit Israel. Novel concept, huh? Now he is acquitted and stands tall as a hero for Iraq and the world. Even the Huffington Post is happy.

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