Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can Someone Explain This to Me? Part 4

With this question, I will be straightforward and quick. Are we safer under an Obama Presidency?


Robert Simms said...

I believe Obama will bend over and grab the ankles for foreign governments....that won't make any of us safer.
As for domestic drilling.....Obama has backing from mid-west farm companies and wants to raise grain prices by pushing ethanol.

Anonymous said...

Good points, robert.

Anonymous said...

It was a wise man who said a long time ago, 'Man does not live by bread alone.'

Obviously, the Majority of the American People sold out their safety for the 30 pieces of silver.

How sad!!!!

I wonder how beneficial all the social programs will be to those who end up dead because of the Obama's misguided foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Wow...another nest of rightwing hysterics! Right here in Schoharie County! Whoda thunk it?

Don't you see that Obama is surrounding himself with experienced intelligent people? His own skills at communication (that means talking in complete sentences) and listening to responses rather than just jumping to military aggression, combined with the grayer heads around him will likely help to keep yet more of our military from getting dead.

Here...take these paper bags and breathe into them until you stop feeling dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Experienced people, you said???

Are you kidding? Try taking you head out of the ground for a change, will you?

Let's see, Chief-of-Staff, a person who is considered one of the most partisan in the crowd.

For AG, the person who erected the walls that make 9/11 possible. And former Fannie leadership member that benefited from accounting bugaboo.

Oh, yeah. That's so special!

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful for your knowledge and comfort levels if you sought out sources of information other than Rush. I can't help but wonder how you know who the AG pick is when it hasn't been announced....hmmmm, a mole among your cozy little crowd????

This is like being the only woman in the old Happy Trails Saloon so I'll be bowing out...just came for a visit...I leave you to your circle...ummmm...discussion.

Anonymous said...

Rush, I rarely if ever listen to him.

As for you, it would be helpful if you took your head out of the ground and smell the coffee.

I believe Gorelick is her name, I'm not sure. I can never seem to remember her name.

The last I remember, it's NY Times that reported such.

Obviously, that is out you realm of reading.

As for stopping by, you're always welcome to visit and actually get some news that is not biased.

You know the old saying, 'Stupid is as stupid does.'