Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can Someone Explain This to Me? Part 3

What in the...Why is Sen. Obama planning to ban domestic drilling for oil? How does that even start to make sense?

Let's see, if we do drill, we will get oil from our own lands, lower our dependency on foreign oil (and in effect give less money to terrorists), bridge the gap until new technology is feasible, lower oil prices (because of an increase in supply), create new jobs, and help our economy.

If we don't, we will continue to buy more oil from overseas, oil prices will increase (less supply, more demand), and we will further be dependent on foreign nations.

I don't even see it can make sense not to drill. Please, how does this make sense in the least?


Anonymous said...

Excellent point!
David A.

Anonymous said...

The possibility is receiving increased scrutiny. It ain't a done deal yet.