Monday, November 10, 2008


From World Threats, it's reported that al Qaeda is in stages of development for a major attack to greet President Obama.

If this is true, it goes along with one of my earlier thoughts. Al Qaeda and America's enemies have had a history of testing our new leaders, and we now have one who is very untested.

Al Qaeda is planning to get us involved in Africa. This will do one of two things. One, it's one of their main bases and they're counting on our fear of intervention (especially in Africa) to either keep us out or force us out later. Second, it could be a ploy, to divert resources from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Waziristan. Neither are good options.

Our Ethiopian allies and some AU nations have peacekeepers in Somalia, but it would appear that if we can't get our allies to contribute to ISAF, how many troops can we get for Somalia? Obama's mettle will be tested, like Joe Biden predicted, and we'll see if his spine--and ours-- are made of steel.

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Right Truth said...

As the NYT leaked, our troops have had permission to go into places and pursue al-Qaeda (Syria, Pakistan, and even Somalia). I figure Obama will change that.

I'm happy to exchange links with you, thanks for asking.

Keep up the good work.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

mississippimud2007 said...

Make no mistake about it, the muslim terrorists would rejoice at attacking America during the "Transition period" , it would make us look weak, and fuel their insane desire for death while killing us as well.

Anonymous said...

new president or not.
This imbecils will be around for a wile (not for al very long wile i think). We will see probably some big atacks in the coming years and the only remedy is stick to the plan and hit em where you can.