Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hillary for State: A Wise and Smart Move

If the reports are true, President-Elect Obama has pulled off a very wise and shrewd move by placing Hillary Clinton in the State Department.

Smart because:
* Hillary has a fairly good knowledge of world affairs and has traveled extensively.
* Hillary was a part of her husband's presidency and was there when important foreign policy decisions were made.
* Hillary has served on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and has built knowledge on American forces deployed overseas.
* Hillary is hawkish on foreign affairs.

Shrewd because:
* Hillary is removed as the de facto leader of the Democrats in the Senate.
* Hillary is no longer an elected official.
* When Hillary will be mentioned, she will be a subordinate to Obama.
* If Obama fires Hillary for any reason, he can blame it on "incompetence" and ruin her reputation.
* Hillary will not have a hand in ground-breaking legislation.
* Hillary will not be able to push her signature issue, health care.
* Obama will appear to be reaching out.

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Anonymous said...

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