Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Just Cause" Review

About a month ago we bought the game Just Cause for the 360. The game's a couple of years old, and I know that (because it made it cheaper). A couple of key points:

* The game's physics are terrible, but sometimes fun. Car stoppage is really fast, especially if you run into a barrier. A motorcycle can stop your speeding car.

* Gameplay flaws: when you run out of bullets in a gun, it won't change weapons automatically. For some reason you have infinite ammo for your first gun.

Also, for some reason the enemy is always shooting at you, even when you are in a civilian car. You can be in the jungle and five police or army cars will arrive out of nowhere and try to blast you.

After you kill an enemy, you not only get their gun/ammo, but you can sometimes get a health boost, effectively turning you into a terminator.

* Saving: The game's savepoints are far away and only automatically save after you complete a game mission.

Overall, the game has some fun points (including Windmills). However, the game is too flawed to make it into a hit. That's why it was $9.99 at GameStop.

Game Rating: 6/10

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