Friday, November 14, 2008

So Has the Right Wing Conspiracy Ended?

So, now that Barack Obama has won the White House and the Dems almost have sixty seats in the Senate, does that mean that the vast, right-wing conspiracy has finally ended?

It was about a decade ago that Hillary Clinton said that phrase on the Today show, so let's look at all of the things that should disappear due to the Obama victory:

1. No more 9/11 Truth stupidity
2. No more 'No WMD' stupidity
3. Any more impeachment talk?
4. Wait, I thought Bush was going to name himself President for Life?
5. Cheney's not ruling anymore (I guess)
6. Troops out now-- oh, Obama's not doing that?
7. Just the rest of your run-of-the mill slabber, as Father McQuarters would say.

1 comment:

Robert Simms said...

Oh, there will always be a "right wing conspiracy" just won't be "vast".