Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Dictatorship?

This statement alone is a bit nuts. I mean, I don't agree with the President-Elect on some things, but to propose that he is building a dictatorship is a little wacko.

LGF has begun to call this movement, 'black helicopter Republicans.' I don't know if people have been listening to too much Coast to Coast or what, but we need to be careful that we don't go off the deep end.

And this is just the beginning. There hasn't even been any crises or anything to test Obama yet. Does this mean that we'll lose it when something does happen? As far as I can tell, there is not an American dictatorship on the horizon.

In case anyone wants to know how I see a dictatorship happening, here are some steps:

1. one branch of the government taking over one or two of the others
2. taking away of guns
3. taking away of other rights, like assembly
4. oh shit


joe six-pack said...

I think that it would require some type of catastrophic event to set up the conditions for a dictatorship in this country today. Maybe a series of nuclear attacks by a terrorist organization? I believe that this is more likely to occur during an Obama Presidency, although it is very unlikely.

joe six-pack said...

Thanks for your invitation. I am unfamiliar with your site, so I plan to monitor it.

Anonymous said...

As I consider the inability of our government to lock up legitimate threats to our society-- ie. terrorists, felons, gang members, etc. I have a hard time understanding how they would tolerate the heavy lifting a dictatorship would require, or how the society would. Because several million people wouldn't stand for it and would start shooting, and the liberals would be climbing into each others' socks. I can tell you based on personal experience that the enforcement arms of government are overwhelmed as it is with what they have got; there is no way they could handle a large scale insurrection.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, don't worry about the black helicopters; they are mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matthew,

I encourage you have a look at Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Obama plans to "RULE" from Day 1 of his administration; while it may be debated that "RULING" is the same as dictatorship, I think it is, in this case. Obama is obeisant to Alinsky. Check it out.