Monday, November 10, 2008

Can Someone Explain This to Me? Part 4

With this question, I will be straightforward and quick. Are we safer under an Obama Presidency?

John McCain is a military man who holds extensive knowledge of foreign issues. He understands nuances and gray areas better than most of Washington and he has promised defend against terrorism. President Bush has always promised to stay on the offensive against terrorists. Now, I have no doubt Obama understands some gray areas and that he doesn't want a terrorist attack on our soil, but he does not understand what John McCain understands. The threats of terror should never dissuade us from voting, or any other right, but it's an unfortunate fact that terrorist groups are planing attacks on the United States because Obama will be President. Not only this, but he plans to ban domestic drilling for oil... I guess pouring money into terrorist hands is a good thing. Now ask yourself, are we safer?

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