Monday, November 10, 2008

Is it a Good Idea to Elect a President Because He's Cool?

Yesterday's New York Post had a pullout poster of President-Elect Obama and on the front page it called the incoming First Family cool.

But just a second.... Did we just elect someone because the American people came to a consensus that he is, and following him is, fashionable? Is that really all there was to it? Well, let's look at it... where did Obama get his votes?
* A lot of votes from unemployed college kids cause they heard he was, like, totally awesome.
* A lot of votes because of his race.
* A lot of votes from swank bohemian urbanites who wouldn't know the difference between Kansas and Uzbekistan if they had their hands full of corn.

Are these the votes we want to shape our nation's future. Without these votes, Obama would have lost. McCain grabbed the working class and the military votes.... Obama got votes because he was chic. McCain lost votes because of his party, Obama got votes because some drunk guy was extolling him at a party.

Weird, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Obama didn't get elected because he's cool. Here's a good explanation of why McCain lost: