Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Defense of Obama

Now, I didn't vote for Obama. I didn't want him to become the next President. The chances of my voting for him are relatively low. However, he will be my President.

And I'm reading such terrible things as this: that people are threatening the President-Elect? Now you can say you won't vote for someone, but this is ridiculous. To threaten a man's life who hasn't done anything to hurt people is horrific. Keep in mind that he has two young children. I know I've been critical of the man, but to go from civil discourse to threatening violence is exactly what America isn't.

In addition, there's talk of an Obama dictatorship? Please... if the guy has despotic plans, he has yet to expose them. When he bans guns... okay, he might want to be crowned emperor.

I hope that Republicans do not fall prey to simplistic hatred. This is the exact thing which has stonewalled and damaged President Bush. This blind hatred, combined with stupidity has led to inane statements like, "There were no WMDs" and how things were better under our handsome friend Saddam.

So let Obama take office before becoming too critical. And thoughts of violence are not only unfounded, but irrational.

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Anonymous said...

Matthew, we've seen some of those violence articles ourselves. Again, while none of us who blog together (there's a whole slew of us) would have voted for Obama, not one of us would even think of condoning, much less advocating violence. As comment moderator on one of the sites, I don't hesitate to delete any comments calling for such and banning the commenter. We simply will not tolerate it. Hold his feet to the fire on policies and behavior? Yes. Advocate violence? NEVER. It makes anyone suggesting such no better than an animal.

BTW, I normally don't post "Anonymously" but the identity sign in won't let me sign on for some reason.

Miss Beth