Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NO Gingrich for RNC Chair

There's a lot of talk about who will become the RNC's next chair. I want to make sure that I put my foot down on this one: not Newt Gingrich. I like Michael Steele, so let me give a few points.

*Gingrich is best remembered for government strife.
*Gingrich cheated on his wife WITH CANCER!
*Gingrich was chased out of Congress as an embarrassment.
*Gingrich didn't even have the guts to run for the nomination.
*Gingrich is seen as a symbol of Republican obstinance and will hurt our 2010 chances.
*Gingrich wasn't even effective as Speaker.
*Where's the results from the 1994 Revolution.

*Steele has executive experience.
*Steele can bring minority participation.
*Steele has no negative reputation.
*Frankly, Steele seems to have more common sense.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

Speaker Gingrich, is the perfect person.

Mr. Steele may be a nice person, however, he is more suited as an administrator, not the Chairman.

Regardless of what Speaker Gingrich has been labeled as before, we need his ideas, as well as his ability to focus on issues in such a poignant way.

Also, he won't let the Democrats define any issue the way they mis-represent them. He'll tell them exactly how bone-headed their arguments are.

What the Republican Party has sorely been missing is a spokesman who will rebut the Democrats effectively. Mr. Steele, based on his previous performance, is not up to that challenge.

Anonymous said...

Steele is probably a great executive, but Newt is the idea man. I would have serious reservations voting for Newt as President, but when it comes to moving the party, no one is better than Newt.

I'll add your site to my links as soon as Blogrolling gets back up. If it looks like they won't, then I will have to redo my entire link list. But they say they will be back soon.