Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Kurdistan is a Model for Iraq"

In today's Wall Street Journal, there is an op-ed by the President of the Kurdish region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani. Barzani explains how the Kurds and the United States have built a very strong relationship, despite all of the problems of Iraq. This includes:

Last year, following a U.S. request, we deployed Kurdish troops to Baghdad. These troops played a decisive role in the success of the surge.

Barzani also played down anti-Kurdish messages, such as that the Kurds were stonewalling progress. In fact, Barzani shows that the Kurds have been attempting to build up the Iraqi government, by the Constitution as approved by the people.

These allegations are troubling. We are proceeding entirely in accord with the Iraqi constitution, implementing provisions that were brokered by the U.S.

Kurdistan is what the Middle East will hopefully become. The Kurds are deserving of our support, and I am proud to believe in Kurdistan. In the words of the article:

I am proud that the Kurdistan Region is both a model and gateway for the rest of Iraq. Our difficult path to a secular, federal democracy is very much inspired by the U.S. And so we look forward to working with the Obama-Biden administration to support and defend our hard-fought successes in Iraq, and to remain proud of what the Kurdistan region is today: a thriving civil society in the heart of the Middle East. When we insist on strict compliance with our country's constitution, we are only following America's great example.

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