Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama: We Don't Need Oil

President-Elect Obama has already announced a major step back in his emerging Presidency. Obama stated that he will reverse President Bush's order to allow oil drilling on public lands.

Unfortunately, with our dependency on foreign oil actually increasing, we cannot afford to stop drilling. Perhaps McCain was right about expanded drilling.... And oil prices are actually falling. This is our chance to drive in the knife to OPEC and drive oil under $50.

With Iran's nuclear program proceeding and their belligerency scathing, why are we not drilling?


Brian C. said...

Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's help out our crack habit of two pounds a day by adding one more line.

HOw about we get off the black junk, start using 250 mpg plug in hybrids, and forever be free of oil?

They have the technology! Open your eyes to the future.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

What Brian C and those of his ilk don't understand is that fossil fuels will be part of the natinal and global energy mix for a very long time.

They also don't understand that, while they live in some Utopian dreamland, making the change to those high-mileage hybrids will also take longer than they think.

These people apparently think that all thats needed is simply make some cutesy statement about change and it appears.

They also appear to lack the ability or desire to understand the problem.

BTW: It is a step backward what Obama may do.

It penalizes America and it fuels the oil cartels to drive prices even higher.

But then slavemaster Obama knows what's right, right?

And make no mistake, if he does what he may, fueled by his leftist factions and Pelosi and Reid stances, he will continue to consign America to energy slavery.

But they will all feel good about themselves.

Zen said...

A recap of the Obama history so far.
Elected Pres. last Tues.

Russia moves missiles into Poland on Wed.

On Thurs. Obama says that after looking at the economy, he will probably not be able to deliver his tax cut pkg.

On Sun. He said he will use executive powers to ban drilling and exploration in Utah and Montana.

Holy downward helix to hell batman.

I am adding you to my links.