Friday, September 3, 2010

Department of Labor assists illegal farm workers.

The Department of Labor released a brand new report this morning: more Americans are out of work, manufacturing lost 30,000 jobs, and close to 50% of "private sector" growth was in the health care sector. The economic situation in America is absolutely horriffic. However, the Department of Labor is helping the common worker........the illegal farm worker that is.

What, you don't believe me? Check out the "DOL Accomplishments" section on their official, tax payer funded website. Pay extra close attention to the 5th bulletin point with "Better Wages and Work Conditions for Farm Workers" to really ruin your all-American Labor Day Holiday:

By rewriting the regulations that govern migrant farm workers, the Labor Department ensured that nonimmigrant workers will only be allowed into the country when a company certifies that no American workers are interested in the job - DOL website.

This is the greatest example of one branch of Government working against the other. The DOL is assisting illegal farm workers in America, while United States Border Patrol agents are attacked on the Mexican border regulary.

Need I say more?

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis MUST BE FIRED.


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