Saturday, September 11, 2010

Naming Our Enemies.

2,977 American Citizens died nine years ago. Someone is responsible, yet no one wants to admit who the enemy is. We're always afraid to say it in public, private, or even to ourselves. A unique situation in America - we openly called the British, Confederacy, Mexicans, Spaniards, Germans, Japanese, North Koreans and Vietnamese, and the Russians our enemies.

So who are our enemies?


Osama bin Laden.
Religion of Islam.

The War on Terror is not a war against any one Nation in the Middle East, but against any one Nation that supports, harbours, condones, or assists our enemies. And by condone, I'm talking about those who hold the same Islamist worldview as our enemies, those who follow the actual writings of the Koran. Unlike one modern Muslim who suggests certain passages from the "peaceful" holy book need to be burned and done away with.

Stop kidding ourselves - Islamists our are enemies. Islam is their religion.


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