Friday, September 3, 2010

Whitman Widens Lead Over Brown

Republican Meg Whitman has expanded her lead over former Governor Jerry Brown in the California Governor's race. This also comes as Carly Fiorina has taken a 2% lead over incumbent Democrat Carly Fiorina. Whitman's polling numbers are strengthening, but it also appears that the shift is also affected by Brown falling near the perilous 40% mark.

Whitman (R): 47%
Brown (D): 40%
Und/other: 13%

Brown's entering into dangerous territory. He would need to win more than 2/3 of the undecided or other votes in order to win. However, barring some big event it appear like he won't be able to. Let's see what happens in the debates.

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1 comment:

Fenway_Nation said...

I heard about some sort of Union-bankrolled cosplay where some paid stalkers dressed up as 'Queen Meg' and 'Princess Carly' and trail Whitman or Fiorana to different campaign events.

My first thought was 'Why isn't Whitman's campaign all over this shit? If I was a cop, firefighter or nurse in California, I'd be pissed off to find out my union dues were going towards this juvenile agitprop when there's 12% unemployment- how come the Whitman campaign isn't all over this shit?

Turns out they were: