Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rick Lazio = End of Conservative Party?

If members of New York's often newsworthy Conservative Party do select Rick Lazio to be their Gubernatorial candidate against Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, are they signing onto the death of their historic party?

According to Ralph C. Lorgio, Chairman of the Erie County Conservative Party, that answer would be a definite yes. Which is why he's supposedly running for the Conservative Party's Nomination in next week's primary against Mr.Lazio.

However, the truth tells a different story than the one Ralph Lorgio has spun in a recent mailer to Conservative voters. I hope for the sake of those voters that they listen to what the truth is, and how only Lorigo can ruin their Party.

1. - In order for any political party in New York State to be qualified for automatic ballot access (whether they run a candidate is their choice), the party must have achieved 50,000 votes in the last Gubernatorial election. Not one party (major or minor) is above the election law, even Democrats* and Republicans must achieve the 50,000 vote mark every 4 years.

2. - Remember John Faso's failed Gubernatorial campaign in 2006? Faso lost the election by over 1.6 million votes to Eliot Spitzer. It was the worst Conservative/Republican campaign, in regards to how much Faso lost by, since the 1980's. But he received over 150,000 votes on the Conservative line, even in one of the worst Gubernatorial defeats ever.

3. - To believe that Rick Lazio, who is running in a slightly better political climate for a Right-Of-Center candidate in New York than John Faso did in 2006, cannot achieve 50,000 votes on the Conservative Party line, against a much despised liberal politician, is absolutely ridiculous.

4. - Only a Lorgio campaign would fail to achieve 50,000 votes, especially if Paladino (his close friend) is the Republican Nominee, or runs as a third party candidate if Mr.Lazio wins the GOP Nomination, which would cause a definite three-way Conservative vote split.

For someone trumpeting Conservatism, Ralph Lorgio is quite the liar. Only he, and I mean only he can jeopardize the bright future of the Conservative Party in New York State.

* - Democrats virtually control New York politics via Voter Majority.


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