Monday, September 6, 2010

Anti-War Intolerance Forces Blair to Cancel Event.

The War on Terror cost Prime Minister Howard of Australia his job, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain his respect, and President Bush of the United States of America his control of both Houses. But it made the world safer in Afghanistan, and the world securer in Iraq. Two gigantic successes that all three men can be proud of.

Tony Blair released his long awaited memoir last week, and besides for the memoir being a smashing bestseller in both Great Britain and the United States, the former Labour leader was protested by hostile anti-war lunatics at his first book signing in Dublin last week, while another event in London was just canceled due to the expected presence of more anti-war loons.

Just another example of the tolerant left!

When will the intolerant left ever learn civility? We're talking about the former Prime Minister of England, land of the Magna Carta, and you're treating him worse than you ever did a Dictator by the name of Saddam Hussein. Such a disgrace, but so was the horrendous treatment of Karl Rove by Code Pinkos during his book tour, as demonstrated by a speech that he tried to peacefully give at the University of Iowa in early 2009.

Any thoughts?


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